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  1. Well one night as me and my friends were blasted out of our minds, we got a discussion going about legalizing pot. Get this, 420, im sure every mature smoker in here knows the date as pot smokers national holiday, but its also a really good time to plant seeds. I have discussed with everyone that i know, and everyone thinks that its an excellent idea. On April 20th (or around) 2009, all of america that smokes needs to come together, save your seeds and plant everywhere, on the side of the road, in woods, everywhere you can imagine. What can they do about that? i know that i already have everyone here that i know wants to do it(undisclosed location, for the safety of us) but this is bigger than just us. we need EVERYONE to do this. LETS SEND A MESSAGE TO EVERYONE! haha. Any suggestions or discussions welcome, and please dont let this thread just dissapear, i really think that this is an awesome idea.
  2. Aw, come on, no ideas to this???
  3. The DEA would just kill the plants.
  4. It wouldn't be so much about the plants, more about how they symbolise something.
  5. Thatd be awesome if it was too much for the DEA to controll, and you just drive down the interstate and stuff with pot plants everywhere
  6. I strongly like this idea and have posted about it myself, Im glad to see you thinking big brother. Follow through with your idea and go for it.

    Also every chance you can get, toss some seeds everywhere you can and have your friends do the same and spread the idea.

    The only caution I will advise is, keep the locations to ones-self and dont ever say where you tossed seeds or how many.
  7. cool idea. not sure what good it would do other than provide some more city jobs to cut them down.
  8. the only problem is it won't even make the papers.

    It'll just be like all the millions of ditch weed plants they pull out every year.
    Almost no one knows it's even happening.

    The only real thing that it'll achieve is photo ops for the local police to prove how bad the marijuana problem is in their county and why they need even more funding to eradicate the stuff :(
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    haha, well i dont know about your fine city personell, but most of ours are stoners

    Well we will plant it in their front yards in the middle of the night then.... Really legalization is all based on everyone working together and coming together for a common goal. Most all other methods require you to expose yourself as a toker, but this way, its completely anonymous. :D I know all of my friends and all of their friends are gonna do this in MS, regardless if anyone else is gonna do it, ya never know what will happen till ya do it, and really the risks are uber low, thats what i like about it so much.
  10. I dunno man, I think it would just make people more pissed off and hate herb smokers even more. It's not really protesting, more vandalism...

    If you really want to change something, you shouldn't be pissing people off.
    We gotta be the friendly pot smokers brudda :smoking: ;)

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