New Queens Of The Stone Album

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    Fuck yeah man the new album is so rad!
    And how the fuck does this thread not have any replies? GC be slipping in the music department me thinks.

  2. Oh yeah and the new drummer Jon Theodore FUCKING RULES!

  3. Jon Theodore is a fucking groove monster. From his stuff with Mars Volta(r.i.p) to One Day As a Lion, it all rips and this QOTSA aint any different.
  4. New album is so good, man! Queens keep evolving and i'm happy to go in wherever direction they are:

  5. That's my favourite off the new album ^ such a cool track.  A great album no doubt, I wouldn't say it's their best though a lot of people have been saying that.
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    That guitar solo in Smooth Sailing could go on forever and i would be perfectly ok with that.
    Also Didier12 picking your favourite Queens album is like choosing which of your children you love more, its impossible to choose.
  7. I know right such impeccable consistency, I think it just comes down to personal preference in the end. If I had to choose Era Vulgaris is probably my favourite for personal reasons the lyrics in that album really got inside my head, Josh Homme has a habit of doing that it's like he is the voice of my sub conscious sometimes I dunno if anyone else experiences that but he's the only song wirter to do it for me. I've gotta agree that all the albums are pretty much equal though.
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  9. haha that video is awesome, definitely stoned.
  10. Its their best since Songs for the Deaf imo.  Nice to see Nick making a minor come back.
  11. This song has a very Pink Floydish sound to it in parts IMO

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