New progress of HID light source: Better than LED lighting in high power

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  1. High pressure sodium lamp(HPS) has been used in urban and rural road lighting for more than 20 years, ceramic metal halide lamp (MH) was also widely used for more than ten years,it has the advantage of high light efficiency, less consumption, long life time, strong ability to penetrate the fog and no lure worm,etc. At present, around the world most part of urban road, highway, airport, tunnel, mall, campus, factory, mines, construction site, and street interchange plant cultivation adopted HPS lamp and ceramic MH lamp.

    In recent years, new generation of HPS and ceramic MH lamp, which are researched and developed by Chinese enterprise, can further improve the light efficiency. It can up to 80`140lm/W, increased 15% compare with existing HPS lamp, started faster, only about 45 seconds, be 80% as faster as ordinary HPS lamp to start, and the working life can up to 25,000 hours. The ceramic MH lamp is developing quickly, using more and more widely on account of its advantage of 85`145lm/W high efficiency, 25,000 hours long life and Ra85`95 high color rendering. If the ceramic MH lamp was formed a complete site of traditional magnetic ballast, which the output is not stable, and it greatly affects the lighting efficiency. But when adopt electronic ballast; the lighting efficiency will be larger improved.

    XLDS series electronic ballast ( has the advantage of high light efficiency, stability, low power consumption, automatic voltage regulate high power factor, significant energy-saving, using inline remote measurement and control network, auto-dimming etc.

    XLDS series “High Efficiency HPS lamp / Ceramic MH lamp + Electronic Ballast” fixture do not need to replace lamps, the power saving rate is higher than 55%, equal to LED light source’s, the comprehensive energy saving rate can reach more than 60%, reactive power loss decreased by 90%, the cost is 40% less than LED lamp, and the lighting quality is better than that of LED light source, also can realize remote measurement control and adaptive control.

    A new generation of “High Efficiency HPS lamp / Ceramic MH lamp + Electronic Ballast” fixture, their lighting key indicators are superior to the LED lamp, such as rain and fog penetration, uniformity, glare degrees. The whole set become an optimal solution with leading technology that bring optimum light efficiency and significant energy-saving with lowest cost for high power outdoor lighting.
  2. Do you know the differences between HPS street light and HPS grow light?

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