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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Lost_Soul, May 12, 2002.

  1. I have plants growing, its my first time so I don't really care about the outcome. When I put the plants in for they're dark time its in a closet with no fans or anything, is this gonna effect the grow?

  2. yep. get something decent, or you'll end up with crap and just wastein your time
  3. The plants are growing real good though, nice and green. It has been just over 2 weeks since sprouting and they are about 7 or 8 inches each.
  4. what lights are you using then?

    they shouldn't be that tall for only two weeks unless you have some very good lights or lack of em.
  5. I am using 2 - 150 watt lights in a small room. I have also been fertilizing them with little bits each day, I am using 15-15-30 tomatoe/veg fert. In the next few days I will post a picture of them. The strain that I am growing is "white rhino" and I am in BC

  6. What type of bulbs are these 150w? I hope not incandescent,,it will not be enough to give buds,go HPS,I would suggest backing off on the N-P-K or changing ferts to an equal 20-20-20 while vegging.. That WhRhino will get nicely green,it also craves high levels of P,,low NandK...grown well,,,this is a nice strain to grow and smoke.....good luck...can't wait to see the pics...

  7. The lights that I'm using are like flood lights, I'm not sure what they work like. I'm not to worried about the yeild because it is my first time and I don't have the time to dedicate to this crop. My next grow I will order proper seeds and buy all the equipment. if there is anything I can do to get some kind of yeild please tell me, I'm not gonna spend any more money on this grow but for next I will.

    Thanks for all your help...
  8. I wish I could lie to you,and get your hopes up,,but I can' will have a shit grow with no good outcome under those halogen /incandescent floodlights..period.

    If anything,,,at least latch onto a couple of good 4' flourescent fixtures,,,this way you may at least have something to smoke for the little effort you are willing to put into growing the strain...

    have fun...

  9. What about if I move the plants outside for their light period and keep them inside for total darkness? They are growing nice and healthy right now under the conditions, but the weather is heating up here so its no problem to put them outside for 12 hours a day
  10. do that then m8
  11. Ok, heres some pics of the plants right now, this is them at about 19 days after sprouting with the conditions I was telling you about and some sunlight. The only problem with me moving the plants outside is that it will fuck up the light cycle and I'll either have to leave them in the light for 24 hours straight or in the dark for 12. Will this cause problems?

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  12. looking good so far.

    if you do decided on moving them outside make sure you leave them under your lights until morning to avoid stressing them out, the more light they recieve the better there gonna do.

  13. If I may suggest,,,repot/transplant those,,and bury the stem above the single leaves,and below the canopy to strengthen the stem,,,they really do need more light intensity to stop reaching,and being "leggy",, I know,,,your doing what you can,,,but more light would show you dramatic change in growth,,,and you would love it....

  14. Thanks for the suggestions, I am going to repot them but I just want to sex them first so I don't waste time and money on re-potting the males. So it is alright if I leave them in the sun for 24 hours after they have been on 18/6? Or should I leave them in the dark for 12 hours?

    Also the leaves that are growing are 3 leaved, is this normal? Are they going to turn into 5 leaves when they get bigger?

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