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  1. these were taken today. I just came acrosse this plant. will it bud? im 6'1 and its up to my waist. it gets almost direct sunlight from sun up to sundown. is it male or female? any info would be greatly appreciated

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  2. I can't tell by the pics if it's male or female but it needs water NOW.

  3. do you think that it is a lost cause? i just came across it, it was like a dream come true. what should i be doing to repair this tree? also should i try to take some better pictures?
  4. Well first of all if it is someones else's plant stay away from it. Really do!
    Again as I said before looking @ the picture it needs water and again it needs it right now.
    If you can't tell the sex by the pics I provided above yes take some close-ups of the critical sections so someone here can help you sexing it.
  5. Sounds like mrtweeker is thief......

    This time of year the lowlifes come around asking for help with their stolen plants.

    Mr.Meth my advise to you is to stop using meth and stop stealing other peoples belongings.

    remember karma come back HARDER.....

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