New plant with bad leaf discoloration

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  1. I am growing my first ever plant, from bagseed. I’m having issue with the first pair of adult leaves being severely discolored. I need help identifying the issue DE6E6937-61D6-4D6C-A85E-48FC39D46987.jpeg 7CACEB7F-0759-4529-8F34-A60518F92D01.jpeg D9ACF9C6-4857-4505-BAB0-E0DE9AF1B9B2.jpeg
  2. kind of favors root rot you really don't have enough soil aeration. it can feel dry on top but not having proper draining soil will case the soil around the roots to remain wet. are you checking ph when watering? youre not using nutrients yet correct? what soil is that in?
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    The soil is Better Homes & Gardens Organic Container mix. I have Fox Farms Nutes but have not yet used any. I have not checked ph but I will buy a kit to do that today
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    your soil should favor this 20200430_133929.jpg Proper aeration is key for a functional root system. for a couple reasons the roots need oxygen without enough oxygen they smother perlite also helps in drain off allowing for proper drainage allows for better oxygen flow and allows soil to dry properly aiding against over watering. depending on how strong your soil is, is what determines when you should start feeding, also plant growth. I use fox farm line of nutes and soil both happy frog and ocean forest. I start seedlings in happy frog and transplant into ocean forest around 5 nodes or when my roots are showing well out of the bottom and sides of my starter pots. doing that feeds until about week 5 or 6 until I start using nutes if I drop below 300 ppms before that time period or the first week of feed I only feed calmag then the second or third feeding ill start grow big and big bloom. I recommend only using about a quarter of the suggested amount put a little nutes in the water mix and test ppms the big bloom is pretty weak but the big grow will up your ppms quick lastly be aware that nutes will lower ph automatically so always wait until after you add nutes to water to adjust ph. then when you get close to flower and during flower around 700ppms fed you will need ph up to raise ph as nutes will lower too much. proper soil ph is between 6.0 and 7.0 ph I actually start germ out at 5.8 then raise ph as the plants grow until I reach 6.5. I usually don't go over 6.5 but will if I feel lazy and don't feel like messing with he ph adjuster a 6.7 6.9 but not often. just periodically test run off ppm if you notice it becoming more that what you've been putting in back off and just feed water until it levels back off or flush if its that bad before you start noticing deficiencies then vise versa if you notice ppm is less than what you've been putting in you know you can add a bit more they are hungry. cheers good luck bud
  5. first part of veg 300-400ppm second stage of veg 450-700ppm first part of flower 700-950poms second part of flower1,000-1,600ppms then flush 2 weeks before harvrst and only feed 0ppm good ph water until you harvest
  6. Based off of your two pictures alone and stage of growth I would check your water source. It’s strange to see first leaves with that discoloration

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