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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ibmasterkush, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. alright so i got myself a 3 bedroom house and im wondering if this would be a good setup to crop about 4 pounds a month so what ive thought up is that im going to have a grow cabinet in which i will have 12 32 watt cfl lights over 12 seedlings so i thought i would leave them in there for a month obvious i will have fans in there mylar and all that good stuff o and the soil i will be using and fox farm and the nutrients will be florabloom flora grow flora micro through all the phases then in the second month i will take all the plants cut some clones put the clones in the cabinet i just took my 1 month old plants out of and put them under a 600 watt high pressure sodium leave them in there for a month and put them in a larger space with 1000 watt hps then repeat this cycle every month so will this cycle crop me 4 pounds a month by the way i will proably be growing skunk 47 and 4 master kush, big bud,fruity chronic juice, papaya,rocklock, sharksbreath and 2 white widows

    snow let me know thanks
  2. No, 1000w will not produce 4lbs. You could get probably a pound per harvest if you grow it right though. Either way that is a nice setup if you actually go through with it. But instead of CFLs for veg you should go with a 500w or 1000w MH. Doesn't sound like money is an issue so why not go 100% legit?

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