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new pipe... observe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jeddodrummer, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. well i would post this new pipe on here but im retarded and cant figure it out. o well tho. just go to my gallerys it says which ones the most recent. if u check it out i got some pretty crazy other pieces too. this new one was only 20 bucks in kentucky and has a huge ass bowl. my friends hit off it and caughed like crazy. i would totally smoke out of it... but im on that one month thing b4 420... it sucks... but its gonna be fun on 420. im putting 200 dollars aside and gettin 2 and a half ounces of dank cuz i know this one dude pretty well. alrite well be sure to comment on these mofo's and if u have ne name suggestions... tell me... wuldnt mind it. keep it safe... keep it green ppl
  2. You have to copy the image address, I think you can do it by right-clicking on a PC or ctrl-clicking on a mac, and then press the image button(the one with the mountain, at the top of the advanced reply section).'

    Like so:


    and, finally:

    NB: Any applicable rep should be directed to the above poster.
  3. I like it man. Is it thick? I can't tell. Still, its got style.
  4. You can also link from pictures in your grass city gallery.

    upload a file:

    Click on Photo Gallery in the menu bar above the thread you're in. It's on the line that says (User CP, FAQ, Photo Gallery, Calendar, New Posts....). Once in the Photo Gallery, under the same menu bar look for "My Gallery • Album Admin • My Favorites" then look to the right on that line to see "Home • Search • Profile • Upload Photos". Click upload photos and it will work like you were posting a picture in a thread. You can put a description as well. Its pretty easy to figure out. Let us know if you need more help.

    If you look under each username in a thread you can see some have a gallery button and some don't. If you click on someone's gallery you can view what they have uploaded.

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