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  1. I just picked up my second piece today to replace my old CCG spoon.. (R.I.P. "Torn"). Spent only $40 at a local head shop. I haven't named it yet though. Unfortunately I just moved to a new city and I have very few connections, so I'm dry. Nothing like having new glass and not having anything to smoke. :(



  2. The piece is looking cool
    Hopefully you get out of that dry spell...
    Happy blazing bro:smoking:
  3. Get your 215 and buy it from the store!

  4. Word.

    Or ask around, I mean this IS SoCal.:smoking:
  5. Nice piece for 40, that must be just a regular hammer and not a bub for 40 bucks right?
  6. Nope, definitely a bubbler. That's why I was so shocked to get the great price.
  7. Wow, that's a great find for 40.
  8. I'm thinking it may have been mistagged. Similar pieces on the same shelf ran for $50-$70. Either way, I'm very happy with it. :D
  9. Met up with some friends and we finally named the thing:

    The Scauldron of Mysterious Excalibur, or "Tsome".
    Or 'Scaldy' as like a short nickname, or in code 'Scotty'.

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