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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Kramer, Feb 12, 2009.

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    So my homegirl's mom gave this awesome vaporizer pipe just recently. She lives in strict government housing, so she naturally gets worried about getting caught. She asked me today to hold on to her herb and equipment.

    I more than willingly obliged.

    Anyhow, she said I could pretty much have the piece until she gets to a better location.

    Check it out:


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  2. Very nice. one of my friends is pickin up a purple one on saturday.
  3. How do they work? Is it actual vapor when you hit it? btw thats a sweet avatar lol, not better than your sig tho.
  4. See the extra photos?

    The top comes off.

    It works exactly like a vaporizer and has a ceramic tile on the top.

    You apply heat to the side of the top bowl to allow cool air in.
  5. Wow. This piece is quite ill received.
  6. Vapor Genie, Take 2.

  7. Thats cool dude, have u used it much?
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    ye man the vapor genie is awesome and a great value for the portability, build quality, and ease of use. i often take one hit offf mine and it sets me in th right state of

    yup when you hit it is straight vapor although if you hold the lighter too long the bud will turn black and combust but its pretty easy to get the feel for it, after 1 bowl i'd say i had it down.

    ohhh and i bought mine just about exactly a year ago and it works fine, they even supply you with free screen and mouthpiece replacements.
  9. The Vapor Genie is a cool little substitute that I use when I'm not ripping it from our Volcano. There's a video demonstrating how it works on my YouTube channel.

  10. Definitely.

    It's an awesome alternative to just smokin' out my spoon.
  11. Yeah, the Vapor Genie is awesome.

    I swear, one full bowl can last like ten hits. It is amazing.
  12. i've heard all about these babies, i gotta pick one up for myself soon!
  13. Dude that's awesome :D
  14. I'm guessing the herb is gone. :smoke:Nice piece.
  15. Does it smell considerably less than smoking it?

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