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Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by Abaker, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Picked up a new piece of glass today never had anything made by Phire, but for the price I just couldn't resist. Haven't had a chance to take it for a flight yet so will keep you posted on those details :smoke:

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  2. Okay it smokes greatttt
  3. I love beaker bongs! Haha nice man :D
  4. Very nice all we need now is a great milk video.
  5. Milk video over X mas break for sure kind of a hassle to film one while I'm at college but stay tuned!!!
  6. no phone to record with?
  7. nice bro, that peice will last you a long time. take good care of it, clean it every once in a while or that perc will clog up on ya.
  8. That's cool as fuck man, props.

  9. Nah I do have a phone to record with, but I smoke in my car almost exclusively while I'm at school. Winter break is only 2 weeks away anyway :smoke: Thanks everyone for the positive feedback I'm pretty hype on this piece
  10. You said you couldn't resist the price, you got me curious on what that price is, sir.
  11. u in RVA when ur not at school?

  12. Your ready... 96 dollars after tax :smoke:

  13. Yep Pm'd ya.

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