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New piece, need advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by madxan, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know if this mini-sidecar/hammer is a bubbler? I am really wanting a bubbler, perferably sidecar/hammer style, but im not wanting to spend a whole lot. This 12cm one is under $30@EDIT. Thanks for the advice!
  2. It certainly looks like a bubbler, the lower chamber looks like it holds the water, though you cannot quite see the downstem of the bowl. I prefer the sherlock bubblers myself, but this one looks sweet so go for it!
  3. Thanks a lot, thats what I was thinking. I was just wondering if anyone has smoked in a similar bubbler about the same size (12 cm). It just makes me wonder because it doesn't say bubbler, and its not listed with the bubs..
  4. EDIT can take want to smoke before Palin takes office, right?
  5. If it's not listed as a bubbler your gonna be taking a lungful of dry smoke with that chamber! do not buy it assuming it is a bubbler....also, DON'T buy a bubbler online, unless you can see the stem...I've gotten bubblers with stems that go HALFWAY down the chamber...think about don't want that shizz...
  6. #6 madxan, Feb 24, 2010
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    Thanks sir, this is making me reconsider. I just hate that bubblers are so expensive in shops. I can't find one any where for under $60. Just seems kind of ridiculous to me for such a small pipe, might as well buy a bong.

    I will also add that this is a molino product. Would a company such as Molino try to deceit buyers by making a product that looks like something it is not?
  7.'s not really deceiving. some people like big dry chambered pipes. it's not advertised as a bubbler...60 bucks for a bubbler isn't bad, though...Mine was 200...remember that making a bubbler vs making a dry pipe is much harder...And my best advice for people buying pipes is to forget about the looks. it might be hard, but if you can, completely forego getting something with sick swirls in of the best peices I've smoked out of had one layer of color (the cheap looking spider web things) and was colorless about halfway through. it's great because you can see the smoke, something that I've only recently realized i actually want out of any peice. conversely, i am always annoyed at my super thick colorful bubbler, as even when i hold it up to the light, i can barely see through it. getting the water level right is a repeatedly an experiment, and cleaning it gets weird,'s about preference, obviously, so if you need sick colors get em. OH! one last hint...sometimes headshops will have some product (usually a bubbler or otherwise "special" item) that they can't sell. it's been sitting on the shelves forever, and that's for one of the following reasons...
    1. it has a sports or other logo on it (i say who cares if an LSU tigers bead is sitting outside of the chamber, if a big bubbler is going to go out the door for 50 bucks, GO TIGERS!!)
    2. it's shaped like a skull or demon...(I'm not into the satanic arts...I'm not religious at all, but I thought I'd found God himself when the guy offered me a dual inline percolating bubbler for 80 bucks)
    3. it really sucks...(this pipe will look normal, but there is SOMETHING wrong with it...)

    There are other reasons, but they are similar to 1 and 2...they are aesthetically unpleasing to the shoppers before you. enough people have not wanted these pieces to make the store owner discount them, and sometimes greatly. they won't put these in like, a discount bin or anything, but look for anomalies in placement. a bunch of little spoons sitting next to a bigger piece, for instance. often times shops will divide the cases by price...happy hunting!
  8. Thanks a ton, this has definitely helped. I guess you get what you pay for, so I should be prepared to spend a lot more cash.
  9. hit up a few convience stores, I got a nice sherlock for $20 was a good first piece :)

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