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    Yeah so i need some names for my new pieces and some input on if you guys like em feel free to make any suggestions

    The gas mask was a free add-on with the vortex i got the bong like 2-3 weeks ago and i picked up the bubbler and vortex yesterday, also in the picture is my pipe my older blue bong my vaporizer my one hitter and an extra bowl. My plan right now is to get a third bong , a nice expensive one, maybe roor, not sure yet but i know i want one with a carbon filter a double perc, and a showerhead downstem I also think i may replace my blue bong with a nicer blue topoo bong the only other thing i'm sure of is that I want a nice upper end steamroller and a few more things here and there

    ere it is[​IMG]
  2. You have a beautiful family :']
  3. nice... is that a mask-bong?
  4. yeah, i just got a new bong , grinder and spoon ill post a new pic in a bit

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