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New piece :D

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonerbro00, May 14, 2010.

  1. #1 stonerbro00, May 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2010
    Just picked up this yesterday because i honestly didnt like the first bowl i bought, i got it out of impulse. This bowl on the other hand is my favorite. Its double pyrex which means its crazy hard to break. The lady who was showing it to me threw it across the room and it bounced, i was like :eek:

    But yea 27 bucks, and its chameleon glass so itll change once i use it :]
    If you guys want a higher res pic ill break out my slr haha
  2. I've always loved clear glass because I enjoy watching the smoke being inhaled. The fact that it BOUNCED when she threw it makes it a solid buy in my opinion.

    How big is it?
  3. From the carb to the mouth piece is the length of a lighter, and then another inch to the end of the bowl so its a decent size
  4. Damn dude... I'm jealous :)
    I have the exact pipe except it's gold and silver fumed. (color changing)

  5. That's when I would ask for a different one. haha
  6. I lol'd

    "I'll take the pipe you HAVEN'T already thrown across the fucking room"
  7. Nice little pipe there. I'd like to see some shots of it once it's changed too. Before and After, like Jeopardy.

    (Did you know there's a 'Toking Tools' section under 'Recreational Marijuana Use'?)
  8. Yea lol but i always get more/better replies in this section haha
  9. Lol word. Go toke a bowl man! I wanna see that thing a changed bitch!
  10. That's awesome man. A bowl is the best investment a stoner could ever make.

  11. No a vape is :D but a bowl is a close second!!! nice piece man it really looks sick :)
  12. Nice. I got the same one for $5.
  13. Looks kinda small, watch those eyebrows when lighting, trust me ;)
  14. You're not the actual strongside correct? Ha :D

    I know i want to soo bad! But im waiting to hear from a job first. If they dont call, ill have pics up by the end of next week! :smoking:

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