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    I will be in the market for a new bong within the next month, and was looking for some advice. I'd like a nice inline, with a tree perc if it's possible.. I just purchased one from a friend, but my dog knocked it over and destroyed it. As for my budget i'd like to keep it under 350 if possible, but for the right piece i'd pay around 500.. Feel free to inbox me websites buy from, I live in Florida and there are literally no local headshops worth going to. I just want something higher quality, with a smooth rip.
    The one my dog knocked over is VERY similar to this. I'm not sure of the brand but it was the nicest bong i've ever owned. I am open to ANY suggestions. I just want a quality piece. ([ame][/ame])
  2. I'd your heart set on an inline? There are so many options for that price range it's kinda hard to point you in the right direction. Möbius and apix are both solid. Möbius is going to be your expensive end of the range at around 450 or so depending on the model. And apix runs from 140 to 240 and I would recommend both highly for great functionability. They will both be smooth as hell like your breathing air. They both clear very quickly as well. As well as being made with high quality glass have heard of apix tubes bein dropped or knoked of tables and there still rock solid. Go to apixdesign or *******s and you can find something awesome
    ps both of those are websites.

    Also where in Florida are you? I personally like seein my piers before I get them so was trying to point you in the direction of a lhs.
  3. aqua lab
    have fun with that site
  4. I'm open to anything really, just in my experience inlines have been the smothest. I'm in Panama City Beach, Florida. The only headshops I know of are all tourist traps. (Purple Haze, Beat niks, etc)
  5. Hey, I wanted to thank you for the suggestion on the Mobius. I've looked into them, and fallen in love. I think i'm going to get the 65mm stemless tube with stereo matrix. But others feel free to chime in, i'd love to see more high diffusion pieces!
  6. You could check out David Goldstein fritted disc. Pyrology the stew, sovereignty stem down natty, dirty Rico barrel to 13, or kush puck line. All also highly diffused piece. Oh with the dg. Wouldn't use it do oils just flowers. I own a mini can and love it. But plan on adding another möbius to my collection too.

    I've heard the 60mm is slightly better than the 65 but I think it's just a personal thing. Can't wait to see what you get

  7. I think that i'm pretty decided on the mobius, the others seem pretty nice as well.. But they don't seem to be as quality as the mobius. Only issue, Mobius is out of stock!!

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