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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by up in smoke, May 14, 2006.

  1. hear are the 2 1/2 week old plants i have out on my deck hear in B.C. how warm should it be untill i can leave them outside for the night. during the day its about 20c and at night about 8c. they get about 11hrs of light a day. they are about 3 inches tall. when should i add fertilizer and nutrients to their diet, i wanted to try using liquid nutrients so what kind of mixture should i go with.

    tell me what you think. and no mean comments please.
  2. Use your best judgement. They look nice to me, looks like a couple of pure breds (in other words they werent shitty seeds from shitty plants) id wait a while before giving them nutes unless they have a growth problem like yellowing or leaves not being healthy in general. Dont use miracle grow unless its the only thing you have lying around, ive used fish emulsion in two seperate grows and its the best shit i have ever used, it gave me great trichome quantity and dense buds and strong plants, unlike miracle grow. but the taste is hard to get out of ths soil with a organic fert, even after flush. Great weed though but still seedlings i wouldn't give them ferts yet.:devious:
  3. They look beautiful! As soon as my plants get their second set of true leaves ill post pics ^^
  4. No reason why they would not be fine outdoors at your present temp. range.
    I personally do not give mine ferts until after I have sexed them. Then the females go into big pots, the males onto the compost heap.
  5. really like 6-10 degrees celcus isint to cold

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