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New pics of my auto.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by edwardvanhalen, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey guys this is my auto assassin and as you can see since I transplanted her she is growing very very fast. I just watered her so she's a little droopy. She has a lot of huge fan leafs that make it hard for the light to penetrate. Would u guys cut some of them off?

    She is 28 days old so that means she has about another 4-5 weeks until she's ready for smoking.

    I have a question about curing. Should I cure this plant for two weeks before I start smoking it or would it be OK to just let it cure for a couple days and then smoke a little bit.
    How long do you guys cure your harvest for?

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  2. Or, you could just tie it down......

    Sure, you can remove some of the fan leaves.

    You can smoke it from the time it dries, but it won't be as good.
  3. Hey buddy thanks for checking out all my threads and giving me great advice I really appreciate it.
    You mean lst the plant so the lights penetrate more right?
  4. Yes, bend the plant over slowly if you have to do it a day at a time half way one day half the next. The light will then shine through the entire plant the bud site will then grow vertical.

    As for cure I cure for about a month. But I always keep about a 1/4 to hold me over while the rest cure. There a huge difference in taste from smoking fresh dry herbs to cured. After about 3months though I don't really notice any more quality in taste so a month is my cure time.
  5. Yeah, man. No problem.

    Yep. Hell, you could scrog it, tie it down. Either or. Whatever works.
  6. One more thing, this plant is really droopy and it is usually droopy even with the lights on. I'm positive that I water it correctly. I wait until it's bone dry then I water it until the water comes out the bottom. Also would you trim only a couple fan leafs off the bottom of the plant or around 4 because you can see how bushy it is.
  7. Hey bra what's goin on, how ya doin on this shitty day in pa.
    I don't think I'm gonna lst it because I want it to grow into a big bushy plant.

    It would be hard for me to cure for that long because I usually need some to smoke a week after I cut it down. How much of a difference does it make if you cure for a couple months rather than 2 weeks?
  8. Do you pH your water?

    Do it as to where it's the nodes that need light, have light. You're not going to stunt your plant by taking off a few fan's.....
  9. No I never had to because I get the water from my fridge so it's filtered. I know that just because it goes through a filter doesn't mean the ph will be right but I never had problems with using this water and I used it for over 8 plants.
    Their are fan leaves that are pretty high on the plant though. Is that still ok to take some of those off?
    Hey since you know a lot and help me so much what do you think I should do with the lights I have.
    I have 3 huge soft white cfl's and 1 smaller cfl up in my closet. I have a veg cfl that has the blue color that is really big and I was wondering if I put that in their for more light will it affect the plant at all because it's not a flowering light?
  10. I do t think it will effect it at all. It's just going to be supplemental light. You could flower with any light just the cool spectrum doesnt promote flowers growth like warm light does.
    Curing makes a massive difference imo. But if it's spend money or smoke non cured I'll smoke my own shit for sure. If you got the time let it cure if not fuck it.
  11. That doesn't mean shit. You always need to pH your water. Your problems will disappear.
    Yes, it's fine to take them off.
    Do yourself a favor, get a 250w HPS set-up & be done with shitty ass CFL's
  13. I know where you are coming from but I never had a problem with the water I have always been using so I'm not going to get a ph tester. If I had problems I would but I don't so why bother.
  14. Aren't you concerned about the plant drooping? And you can't figure out why?
  15. Guys i have a couple questions im new to this forum and new to growing i have an apollo 250 watt light set up with constant air flow with my hurricane air filter. Im doing 4 plants. 2 different strains platinum og and kush berry. Do i need more light first off ? What can i do to make them grow higher potent flower ? Basically i want to know what i need to do to baby it. And im also using these small red ball rocks that make the roots grow more. And i have the best soil i could find. How often do i top or trim the plants. Two are in 2.5 gallon and two are in 3 gallon.

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  16. No not at all. When you water a plant it droops down, it also droops down for me when I put her in 6 hours of darkness. Then once I turn the lights on she starts pointing up instead of drooping.
  17. You really need to look at a lot of vids on youtube and look at a lot of the stickies on these forums, especially in the beginners section. All the stuff you are saying, such as how to baby it and you are asking about topping and trimming the plant. You have a lot of information to gather before you start growing. Good luck man and just watch vids on youtube.

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