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New Pickup [WW X BB]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by keno, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. god damn. hats some dank. so icccyyyyy. omg wait up, its GRIIIT! not.. lol enjoy
  2. Ha, I'd be callin' that frostberry.
  3. Unfortunately I'm on a tolerance break right now for 8 more days so I can't tell you guys how it is just yet, but I'll be sure to update when I smoke it. I only bought it because it's been hard to find WW in the area and I figured I'd just store it in the freezer until I can smoke again. I woulda bought a whole oz of the stuff for the price he was selling for (oz woulda been $300), but he was all out. Oh well, maybe next time ;)
  4. Haha yeah, or Snowball.

    Nice bud, how's the high?
  5. From what my dealer said it's a really strong sativa high; the kind where you think about life, the universe, and everything. But as I said, I'm on a T-break right now so I haven't smoked it yet.

  6. HOLY SHIT? 300 an o seems like a good connect.... saw shit like that here and its 480 a o... The hairs on this bud were redder and longer..
  7. that seems like a solid strain. i bet a pretty couchloch high that lasted a while with a hint of painkill....... tell me if im wrong
  8. Wow good looking bud. I never had ww but ive had white rhino.

    makes a good wallpaper :p
  9. HHGTTG FTW !!!:hello:

    oh sweet bud too lol
  10. this is a kodak moment :)
  11. Those buds send shivers down my back. Killer find.
  12. my 8ths cost £20($40)and they are never that dank.
  13. Thats awesome, great price.
  14. Nice shit dude! Oh how I would love to be able to get bud like that at those prices! :smoking:
  15. wow dude, thats the shit dreams are made off lol. congrats
  16. yep, thats some dank alright.
  17. crip nugz y0
  18. i pay $50/eighth for SHIT.

    well, i mean, not shit, sometimes it's medical, but it's NEVER like that...

    in fact, i've never smoked anything that dank. you lucky bastard...
  19. very nice strain

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