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New Pickup : Special Olympics (High Sativa)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Pic's of my new pickup special olympics, I have received this same strain in the past, this grow was a little better than the list, the cure seems nicer.

    First pic : one of my storage containers packed out with buds.
    2nd / 3rd : up close bud shots



  2. looks like some straight yum yum

    how does it smoke?? does it make you retarded??
  3. Looks awesome! I remember the thread from your last pickup of this... i dont even have to check the other thread this stuff looks better... damn it looks so good.
  4. on snapp

    i wonder where he got this from. nice pickup..
  5. I bet its called Special Olympics because you feel brain dead after smoking it.
  6. dank pickup as usual good shit
  7. Lookin good!
  8. Damn dude that looks like sum dank bud. I bet its called special olympics cause it puts u in the same mind state as its participants.
  9. thats a funny name for some nug, but i can only imagine its effects. make sure you have your wheel chair handy!
  10. lol yep, the name is def. because it gets you retarded almost fuckin trippy high, def not one I would suggest smoking before bed-time :D

  11. Lol straight yum yum, dude all i can say is those are amazing. Im nice and high from a nice joint and 2 bowls, so these are eye gasims.. Lol smoke 2 bowls of your stuff before a college class. :smoking:
  12. ^^ I dropped out in ninth grade ;) It def. will be a good wake and bake tho.
  13. hahaha.

    man nice pickups as always, you impressive bastard.
  14. nice nuggets mayn
  15. reminds me of cat williams....

    "this shit right her ****** called def"


  16. Special olympics. Does that mean you smoke yourself retarded? LOL

    Nice pickup as always wunschshrek!
  17. looks flames bro, crazy that you smoked all 10 lbs. of that other piff.
  18. Its not like exotic looking or anything special its just my view of PERFECT dank.

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