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New Pickup: Pink Kush (pics)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by Dank_Head, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Just picked up 48grams of Pink Kush, i give this a 15 out of 10! A+++++:D
    Also my new born 6 day old Double Kush plant. Seeds from Delta-9 Labs.

    Pink Kush:




    Double Kush:

  2. not bad (1000th post :D)
  3. Beautiful buds. Hella nice pickup man +rep on that. Good luck with the young lady as well.
  4. forgot to add a pic of Bubble Kush that i grabbed from detroit last weekend..

  5. I'm loving that color!
  6. i'm a jealous, jealous man.
    enjoy :smoking:
  7. awesome nugs dude n nice baby plant

    how much that kush run you boss
  8. the pix look pretty deceiving until the 4th picture. the first three pix really show how hairy they are but dont show off the all the crystals til the 4th picture
  9. I hope one of these days some one is going to post one of these dankity pictures and be somewhere close to me...and we get to hang out..and become best friends and I never have to buy mids again.
  10. nice pickup.

    since i can see you are new to growing, heres a tip.

    You dont want to fill your container halfway with dirt. your plants need as much room for roots as possible.

    FIll your container all the way to the top with soil, until it is literally over flowing from soil.

    You dont want it half full like yours.

    good luck with your grow
  11. lol everytime i see some one with some flame i always think god i hope this dude lives near me
  12. damnnn
    *hits his keif*
  13. I can smell it from here, nice ganja! props
  14. tried this strain in Amsterdam, was v. tasty!
  15. Nice! I actually just got a very little bit of some pink kush(not as pink as yours though, its grand daddy kush)
  16. So nice dude. Bet you have fun after smoking that herb.
    Wishin I had some right about now. :smoking:
  17. Yeah man damnnnn nice lookin buds, how much diddd it run you?
  18. Like someone else said, very decieving pics until the last one

    You dont need to do this with seedlings since hes going to transplant. You can leave it like it is and when you transplant into a bigger pot make sure to fill it up but with seedlings its not needed
  19. talk about some flame

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