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New Pickup "ChemDawg"

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sneakerhead8806, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Paid $400 an Oz which is highest I've ever paid in PA but well worth it. Lemme know what u think!

  2. [quote name='"sneakerhead8806"']Paid $400 an Oz which is highest I've ever paid in PA but well worth it. Lemme know what u think!


    Looks good man, what part of PA are you from? I'm from the 610 and good buds always make it through
  3. 717 capital lol
  4. Fuck yeah man. Chemdawg. No further explanation is necessary. :hello:
  5. I didn't even know it was that serious I just saw the good asked my dude how much he was selling the strain for and he was like $400 and I was like damn...ok! It looks like this bud was in a snowball fight lol
  6. I'd probably pay that for chem. Looks super dank!!
  7. $400 is steep. but that looks amazing so seems like A legit deal
  8. Ha, i just finished smoking that like a week ago, here in CA though. Although i didnt pay as much as you did for an ounce, here its $250 from the dispenserie.
  9. looks dank bro!
  10. Wish I had that price!
  11. chemdawg is so dank.
  12. Chemdawg is a fantastic strain. I grab it whenever possible. Enjoy it man looks superb!:smoking:
  13. 400 a zip is pretty hefty in Pennsy. I'm around reading Lancaster and getting them around 340-360 good days 320. But if it's worth it, then nice! It looks nice and crystallized
  14. Weighed and delivered from a very good friend and its usually 29gs and it smokes the greatest. I haven't found many better looking strains in harrisburg that look like this. Usually have to travel about a hour or 2
  15. true dat its like buying a zip in my area for 280 which goes normally for 240 or 220 :eek:.
    but smoke that shit up OP shits dank as fck , nice cum shot photo.
  16. Come out towards reading, there's a lot of New York stuff out here. Had some NYC haze, NYC Kush, sour d. My boy gave me this shit the other day it was booomb and he gets his shit from New York
  17. do you know lebanon levi?

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