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New Pickup: Cali Bud, and some Alaskan Thunderfuck!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by laxterbater022, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. hey guys, well to put the story short, my hookup owed me a half oz cuz he got busted and well, so far ive gotten a 1/4 of blue cheese, 2.5 gs of some bud from cali and 1 g of alaskan thunderfuck (3.5gs on the way)

    my hookup got this bud from the summerfest festival in milwaukee is it? and this is the best bud ive ever had! enjoy the pics :smoking::smoking:

    that was a 2.5g nug but now its probably about 1 gram split into 2 nugs

    now the alaskan thunderfuck..hairiest bud ive ever gotten


    now a group picture
  2. nice buds i heard that atf is pretty dank
  3. ive yet to smoke it, saving it for 311, ziggy marley, and the expendables concert!! but yea it looks reallly good but a little leafy
  4. Damn that ATF is so fucking hairy, very dank!!!
  5. that thunderfuck looks pretty sick. i love those buds that have that dark green with the fire orange hairs.
  6. tasty nugs! I'd love to try atf its hard to get your hands on here tho... hows the taste/high?
  7. mmm i always wanted to get my hands on some atf...nice pickup :smoke:
  8. hey guys the thunderfuck is insanely hairy haha, but it has the best smell to it and its very unique smell. ive yet to smoke it!
  9. im going to that concert too man! which one you going to? like what city?
    and that atf looks so sick
  10. the thunderfuck looks like dreads on a bud rasta bud
  11. holy shit let me tell you... that atf is soo dank haha. my friend and i smoked a game i rolled last night and we were high off our asses. probably the best bud ive ever smoked! and yea the 311 concert im going to is in indianapolis! cant fuckin wait
  12. holy shit!! that atf looks amazing
  13. id love to find out where your contact got this. im from the milwaukee area and my dank hookups are terrible now.
  14. The real name for alaskan thunder fuck is Mantanuska Thunder Fuck. It's a legendary strain with very few clones left. Your lucky to have some if it really is. + rep man

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