New pickup! 17 80's

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Hexagon minDZZ, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Just picked these up not too long ago. FUCKING RAD im so high. The pills are actually green but for some reason their white in the pic.



  2. i can tell, you didnt even post an img.
  3. Try now.
  4. Nice man, must have been expensive. Have fun with all those.
  5. ........

  6. cool

    my last oxy pickup was a real score

    got 2 40's for free-fifty-free
  7. Wow guys this is greaaaat ive never noddded thiiis hard
  8. dont die. slam one for me.
  9. I bet you guys cant guess what i paid for these
  10. I bet you paid at least 12 dollars a pill.. thats the best I can do.. and its probably still wrong ahah
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    Hex, all i gotta say is fuuuuckkkk youuuuuu. Just to think that i could be up there with you RIGHT NOW blowin a few with ya if i hadn't fucked up... makes me SOOOO ANGRYY!! haha. I might have to make a trip up to see ya this weekend cause i just got some niceeee lookin rocks of coke that i could match ya with, Can you say speedballllin?? lmao :wave:
  12. Nice pickup man. Were they really free or were they fronted? (I remember you saying in the opiate appreciation thread you were getting 20 80s fronted to you...)
  13. thats what she said
  14. Damn, I want a bowl of your cereal :(
  15. Just don't die man. Shit. I wish I could get 1 80mg for free.
  16. I wish I could find one 80 period right now.
  17. I herrrdd that....:(
  18. Nope, free.
  19. just puked. not doing anymore oxy toniught.

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