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New pickup!! 1.75g of mids.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Project_BUILD, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. #1 Project_BUILD, Sep 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 12, 2009
    hey guys and gals, just thought i would show all of you my new shit I bought!

    I got 1.75g (I know a little amount) of some decent mids from my friend. he hooked me up good according to my friends.

    before we get started I wanted to ask how many G's do you all get in a dime?

    alright...... cutting the bullshit here are the pics!!

    enjoy and pleas provide feedback!





    to everyone dissing get a fucking life. the pot snob thing is ridiculous! either be nice, or just keep your fuckin trap shut!

    thanks to everyone who stood up for me. its becoming hell on here. just like on 4chan people think they can come here and be an ass and get away with it. its not cool and you need to grow up.

    anyways guys, yes. I made a noob mistake. i should have specified that I wanted buds. so i called him and clarified what I want. hes cool so he agreed and might even toss me some extra next time. so, yeah. its not the best but it worked well. (went to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal and ended up back in my room with milk and forgot all about the cereal and got like 15 cookies!!!!!!) so it could have been better but it wasn't bad, and next time he's going to hook me up good. (at least I got a lot of seeds! lol)

    peace guys. and to all of the snobbs : grow up or GTFO. seriously. its not cool.

  2. hahahah decent mids??? looks like pure shit to be honest. i know im not bein nice but thats the truth. i woulda payed maybe maybeee $3 for it
  3. It looks like theres some dried leaves mixed with your shake
  4. That's a quarter man.
  5. ground up shwag FTL
  6. Jesus Christ thanks for being nice.....

    i know it looks shitty but that's all there is in bumfuck northern Minnesota!!
  7. Well there's no refunds in this business, so there's only one thing to do :bongin:.

    BTW a 10 sac of mids is about 1.7-2 Gs, depending on how well you know the supplier.
  8. I get about .6-.8 for a $10 of highs depending on who I'm going through. Don't have any experience with mids though. It's hard to tell the quality with that pic you got but not sure if it looks like what I'd call mids. Not green enough. But as I said before, no experience with mids except for pictures on here.
  9. Wtf ever!!! i used to live in "bumfuck minesota" and got absolute delicious dank,

    what ever,have fun with you catnip *snicker*
  10. haha damn ya puttin whales on the scale
  11. thats dank as fuck............
  12. Wow, you guys are allll assholes. I truly mean this. I'm writing down all your fucking names and putting them on my "stoners who are assholes to other stoners" list.

    I'm peeved.
  13. :cry:
  14. 15 posts. 2 answers.

  15. Just poking a whole in his excuse on location Lol

    thanks for the rep man

  16. I just don't understand some people in this world. Why be mean and disrespectful, when you can move on and not waste your energy. It's like you guys are putting someone down, FOR THE SAKE of putting them down.

    I'm in a brainfuck of how the assholes mind works. I saw the picture of his bud and said,"not dank shit and maybe I should go look for some pics of some dank shit"

    BUT then I scroll down, and realize people are taking time out of their lives to be assholes. wtf?:confused:
  17. States can vary in their "dryness". Here in Cincy sometimes it's as dry as your grandmas vag but I know a few buds up in Cleveland who never run out of the dankest dank. States are big...especially out there.

  18. no, please, OMG DONT DUDE!!! :(:(:(
  19. Its a decent amount for 10 dollars. If thats what you paid.

    I use to 'give' close to double that and my suppliers would give me triple that for 10.

    Some dealers are assholes(like some gc members) and give like 1 gram for 10 bucks. im like "greedy asshole!". 280 bucks for a ounce of schwag im seeing ppl sell in those dime bags. well thats why they gotta sell like 10000000 bags to get any profit(exageration)
    roll up blunts man!! have fun and dont burn seeds!

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