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New Pick Up / Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by My Buds, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I just picked up some Lemon Haze and Orange Kush. They smell very different compared to most weed. The smell is more subtle, but very exotic. They definitely look very dank. I paid 70$ for the bag. It was delivered to me by a friend, who drove a good 15 minutes.

    My questions:
    1. How much weed do you think is in the bag? If you are unsure, take a guess.
    2. Would you have bought this for 70$.

    I am not worried about being ripped-off, I just want to get your opinions.

    Price reference: Usually an eighth of dank runs me 50-60$ where I live.

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  2. Just before somebody asks why I held an iTouch and a pencil next to the bag: It's supposed to give you an idea of the amount/size of the weed compared to the size of common items.
  3. How the heck are you holding both your cellphone and the baggie in the last picture? Took me like a minute to figure out what the hell was going on.
  4. ENJOY THE LEMON HAZE! that shit knocks me off my ass
  5. I would say definitely an 8th . Those buds look dense so maybe 5 or 6 grams .

    Can't really tell
  6. That looks like maybe a little less than a quarter, so thats a very good deal
  7. 5-8g i reckon, ambiguity comes from density and well its an internet forum with a small photo. If dank good deal otherwise just an average/above average deal. IMO
  8. I'd pay at least $100 for that around here. Damn good deal.
  9. Yeah id say you got the hook up if its dank.
  10. its definitely dank!!! :)

    how is the high for each strain? i read that orange kush is a sativa and indica hybrid and it will make you hungry, sleepy, and f-cked up in general. i read that lemon haze is a sativa and it will make you focused, alert, but just mentally f-cked up. is this true?

    please write about your experiences with these two strains.
  11. That seems legit bro. Around here that would be considered a hook-up.
  12. how are these strains(lemon haze and orange kush) compared to sour diesel(my friend bought some sour diesel yesterday, so i want to know how they are similar or different)?
  13. i had clogged synuses yesterday, so i could not smell the weed properly. i told my friend that it was very subtle and not noticable. he was surprised and said that he thought that it should definately smell strong. today, we decided to go to my house and i showed him my weed. i showed him how i hide the smell(double bagged and in a rolled up sock). he smelled it while the weed was still double bagged and in a sock, and he literally couldnt believe it for 5 seconds. he just stared at the bag in disbelief. i was not expecting to smell a lot, so i took a big breath. IT WAS DANK!!!! then i realized i had clogged synuses yesterday(i have it a lot, so im used to it/dont notice). we later opened up the bags and smelled the nugs. this weed is very strong with a hint of citrus. we will probably smoke this tommorow. i used this as more of a smell review, so people have an idea of how strong it smells. i will probably update you on the high tommorow.

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