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New pick up/2 milk vids

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by emagdnim13, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. some new buds i picked up last night.

    the ounce ran me 340.

    the two nugs shown are 4.0 and 6.7 ish.

    guy said it was white widow, but i didn't even see the dealer. it was a friend's connection, i just got an ounce through him.

    whether or not it's white widow, it's some dank bud.

    very fluffy, and the bags weight, for the most part, was in 4 nugs like the 2 pictured.

    also included me and my gf milking the new blue dot.

  2. nice pickup but i dont think its white widow but definately dank
  3. yeah that's what i said.

    i usually don't get names, and whenever i do they are just good dank.
  4. Looks like some nice buds man. What kind of camera did you use for those pics?
  5. i used a nikon coolpix L4.

    it's my girlfriend's. i really don't know much about it other than how to use macro and adjust flash and color settings.

    and how to take video.

    it's a pretty good camera all around. not sure how much it cost, it was a present to her.
  6. tasty buds you got there. I can't afford 340 for an ounce but it looks like a good pickup to me

    nice vids too
  7. just curious, but how many grams does your oz. come out to be?

    up here, we consider 28g a oz.
  8. it weighed to 28.

    always does.

    there were four nugs of varying sizes, all around the size of those two and maybe 3 or 4 grams of smaller nugs and shake.
  9. Thats pretty nice big nugs ya got
    But i doubt is white widow
    Maybe a variety? o well
    But i bet is sum gooooood dank fo sho!
  10. nice buds.. the deleted post said + rep and i realized it wont let me give you rep becasue i alredy did not too long ago. but if i could + rep i would definately.
  11. actually that does look like white widow..
    i grew some of it about a year ago. looks good,no matter what it is.
  12. Nice rips and a shout out to your GF from a fellow lady stoner!! Way to represent with that huge hit!
  13. Quite dank buds son, i like. Bong is sick as hell too and your girlfriend looks like a catch. AND she smokes! DUALIES! Hahaha wtf am i saying..nice vids/pics! :wave:
  14. When you pulled the bowl out in the second vid, the smoke trailing off the end looked sweet as hell as you ripped it.

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