new pic!!! coments pls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sam2020, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. just took some photos 2nite and thought I must share as it seems to be going okdokey for a change

    comments pls
    its NL by the way
    how long left do you guys think??


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  2. Greetings, Sam!
    Looks yummy, but not matured yet. You will want to have some of the hairs turning brown/rusty. At that time, start checking the trichomes with a magnifier. The capitates should be well filled, and when they start turning cloudy, you will be getting close. I personally like an early harvest, when only about 25% of the trichs have turned. This seems to give me the best mix of cerebral stmulation and pain control. Others seem to prefer going so far as to have the trichs turning amber, with more than 50% of the hairs going brown. this gives a much stonier high, at least in my experience.
    Patience will pay off, and close observation. But the harvest is only half the battle. A beautiful crop can be degenerated by too hasty drying/curing. This is where patience is of the highest virtue.
    the earth girl says keep on keepin' on! Have happy highs...
  3. going by the guidelines there should be about 2 weeks left, am looking for the same effects as you so would also be looking to harvest at the earlier stages, I'm aware about the importance of curing and drying properly, would hang for a week or so and then put into tubs for storage when ready too, any opinions on drying and curing also apprec, what works the best for you guys?

  4. HIGH All, hey earth girl haven't seen you in awhile and had me worried...glad you replyed I was going to send out a search party (yes with All the necessities).

    sam2020 I was going to say at least 2 weeks...drying and curing...we hang the Buds in a cool room till the stalk has a nice snap to it and then it goes into masonary jars which are opened everyday for a few hours.
  5. Have had some troubles, but don't we all? Can't keep me down for long...
    But a rescue team is a thot I can surely appreciate!

    Sam, growing 'by-the-book' is only a general guideline. Genetics is very important, but the many variables associated with home-grown(type of lighting and timing, ambient temp, RH, food/water quality/routine, etc.), are what makes it fun and challenging.
    The same can be said for drying. I live in the high desert, where a 'slow' dry is harder to achieve. This is where RH and ambient temp are vital statistics. Like unoit said, when the bud stem breaks with a distinctive snap(without pliability), then is the time for the cure. Glass jars are far superior to any plastic containers, and I like to use dark glass, with a loosened lid for a couple of weeks. It is important that the bud be carefully aired to prevent the disaster of mold. The earth girl has found that the slower the dry, the longer the cure, the sweeter the smoke.
    Wish I was there, to lend my conciderable experience(ha ha) in testing and evaluating, for the sake of science,of course! Man, I could sure use a toke right about now...Have no grow, have no stash, have no supplier, having a hellish time.
    Me thinks these pain pills hath made me a madwoman! Ahh, for the sweet, gentle ease of the God given herb...
    Good luck, Sam, you lucky dog! eg
  6. thats a very, very, pretty flower! do you have any other shots of the plant?
  7. Ni Naughtdread

    will post new pics over the next few days just loving this grow as it looks so good,

    Earthgirl if I could swop some of the wether weith you I'd gloadly give you some of wot I got as I know how you feel and how it hurts when you have none,

    from where I'm sitting I'd gladly swop for some hot rays!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only wish I could HELP!
  8. like your sig mate, I live by them rules and justify my actions by them words



    Wouldn't it be funny if the local city bars were replaced with weed instead of alcohol - now i think we would be amazed and the takeaways would do a storm with MUNCHIES!!

    can't see it happening though, wishful thinking!!!
  9. Don,t forget to flush with clean water for the last week .:D.looking good my friend.
  10. its been said to me many times now so I'm trying to time it this time so I flush thsm for a few days before harvestingg should be ok then, I think

    more pics to follow

  11. Good call, critter!

    The last flush should not be left until too late.
    The main idea is to use up all the fresh food, forcing the plant to revert to stored food, which will give better flavor to your cured crop.
    It depends on when you last ferted. If it was recent, i.e. within the last 2 months, go ahead and flush sooner. The perfect harvest has many of the lower/older foliage/fans starting to yellow(a sign of flowers using that stored food.) Plus, the soil at harvest should be getting very dry. This facilitates drying of the buds where the climate is of a tropical nature.
    Thanks for the good thots! eg
  12. If I flush for about a week and then leave for a few days they should be ready to harvest going by my 'estimates',

    any coments on my dasterly plan!

    waiting patiently, honest :)


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