New Phish Cd!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by pyro2005, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Phish have a new cd, Round Room. I think it's great personally, I first read about the cd in maxim. They gave it a 3/5 because some of the songs sounded like the sesame street song after one too many bong hits. Lol, I like it even more for that. :D
  2. yippy. I havent heard anything from it yet, but have been listening to phish a lot lately. so im all excited for it. I totally forgot what date it was to be out. yea :)
  3. ill tell ya its not that good not anything compared to their earlier stuff but hey its phish and after two years ill listen to anything
  4. they also have a kinda new series of live cds. they are much better. they come in 2 or 3 cds and are about $28. they are much better, entire concert with bonus songs. they come in nice small cases. it says Live Phish on the side. if you aer a true phish phan you'd get one too.

  5. Yah i havent picked up round room yet, the live cd's are good but round room sounds .... interesting. :)

    they keep keeping me interested.

  6. rolling stone called it for true phish fans, one of the few things that I agree with from that mag

    ive got a few playing in winamp right now...

    Seven Below, im diggin, very chill, instumental vibe goin, I like this kind of stuff when Im a little out of it and need something with not too much lyrics to listen to and not cloud the noggin ;)
    as with waves & walls of the cave

    46 days, guitars got my head noddin, sounds not to far from a feel good phish song :) i like, yeah, diggin...

    havent heard pebbles and marbles yet, heard that was a good tune..

    a lot reminds me of 'wading..' its not the grips me in lets me loose myself on the surface, brigns me right to the edge, ready to fall, only to bring me back again kinda phish, but as a phan, yea...itll be in my playlist

    why isnt it friday today? :) yeah........

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