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New one comming

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 12, 2001.

  1. Hey everyone, just sitting here waiting for the rain to stop, and thought i would let you know I will be a dad again in May 2002. Me and the wifey had not planned this but it is going to be great. My hopes is for a girl. I already have two boys 15 and 10. The only bad part is i will be 57 when she turns 18.

    I'll keep you posted and when we find out what it's going to be i'll let you know.
  2. ?Huh?, a new baby? I thought you were getting divorced? You got a lot of catching up to do with us. We all wondered where you've been lately.

    But anyway, congratulations Bud Head! I hope you get your baby girl, they are very special to us dads.
  3. Hey! That's great. I hope you have a girl, too. And I hope your marital problems are getting worked out.[​IMG] Must've been all that great make-up sex! God knows you seem to have put a lot of effort into it the marriage. Best wishes, StudHead.
  4. Big Poppa,
    The wifey finally realised (after being on her own for a month) that what she had wasn't to bad at all. She realised that the kids and this place is home.

    The sex was before she left. We haven't had sex since she has come back. I must be potent, three times this year and one of the three was enough!!!!!!!! As far as effort, I will go to the end of the world for my kids. The wife now has to carry herself a long ways.

    You are my idol. You have been there done that. I appriciate all the advice and talking you do about your kids. There is much love in your house.

    I may know next friday which it will be (boy or GIRL). I sure would like to have a little princess to spoil. The boys are praying for a little sister.

    Peace and love to ya all, BudHead
  5. Umm, I'm no expert here, but my advice is not to trust an ultrasound this early in the pregnancy! You may have to wait to find out the sex until she's several months further along.

    Ouch! 3 times in one YEAR.
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  6. I wasn't sure how soon they would be able to tell. It has been a long time since the last child was born.

    There must be something in the water around here. My youngest niece had a baby girl 10 weeks ago. My oldest niece is pregnant and is due in march. So look out world Fairview is growing strong these days..

    Yes only 3 times this year. It wasn't my choice. After she gets through with her therapy, i think things will get a lot better. She is taking a pill to control the chemical balance of the brain. It is working well.. Some times it takes medicine to level out the chemicals.

    Peace to all, and hugs to ya (((((stony)))))
  7. Yes a chemical imbalance in the brain is something she has no control over and medication may be the only way to help. Some even have to be on the meds their whole life. Sounds like things are really looking up for you....I am so very happy for you BudHead. And I'm glad the boys are excited, too.
  8. Congratulations are due to you Bud. I hope the baby is born healthy, sweet and beautiful. I wish you good luck with your marriage but remember, all women are crazy!
  9. Oh my dear Mr. Critter who's not feeling so cheery. T'was meant to stir a wee bit conversation amongst the fellow blades. I wouldn't insult nary a lass who can read me words.
  10. Congratulations.....Bud...........I'll burn a doobie for ya!!!!
  11. Congrats on the new baby coming along...hmmmm...I hope you get the little girl you are looking for...and, I hope things work out for you and your family.
  12. Congrats,

    Always good to have new life, beatifull!

  13. The doctor has decide the 17th of may finally. A c-section will have to be done because she doesn't dialate at all. About three and a half more weeks. I'm getting a little anxious now.

    I'll turn 39 before my baby girl comes home with me.

    Damn 39+18=57. I'll be a real O.F.F. when she graduates.
  14. Ah yes, the Birth of any child is amazing, but Baby girls seem so special to us Daddies!!! Mine is 22yrs. now, but I can picture her opening those baby blues for the first time,and still get tears of joy!!!! Another Angel in your life!!!!
    Still wishin' ya'll the best!!!! :wave:

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