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  1. Hey guys, just trying to get the word out about a project we are working on. We are currently developing a modular commercial Aeroponics system for the indoor urban farming market.

    Our goal is to find a balance between the dependability of a low pressure system and the minimal use of water from a high pressure system. Maintaining reserviors on a commercial scale can lead to many headaches, so we are designing our systems to be drain to waste.

    We are also developing a modular nutrient feeding system that will work in concert with our modular Aeroponic system.

    The entire system is being built with longevity in mind and ease of maintence. We are also trying to use as many American manufactured parts as possible.

    The one design compononent of our system that sets us apart from everyone else will be our modular lid design. By simply changing out lids you can go from growing your favourite herbs, to your favourite micro-greens. Also, the systems are stackable using the very simple Unistrut brand metal framing system. For micro-greens, you could stack them 3 high in a typical 8' ceiling.

    Our root chambers are spun molded from FDA approved food grade high-density polyethylene and at almost 3/8 of an inch thick.. they should last forever!

    Anyways, we are still quite a ways from retailing these systems, but we wanted to hopefully gain some exposure by blogging about our prototyping and development progress.

    We hope to inspire as well as manybe get inspiration from some of the DIY'er out there as well.

    Check us out on Facebook at Indoor Harvest, Inc. - Landbouw/Landbouw - Houston, TX | Facebook



  2. looks awesome, very neat
  3. Some work on the nutrient mixing system getting started.

  4. Some new pics with final production molds.

  5. i like the way this looks, i'd like to do a mix between DWC and true aeroponics where i have a shallow bit of water beneath the plants but also have a fog machine hooked up to turn water into high nutrient fog for the plants to readily take up

    my design issues thus far have been on how i might situate the main nutrient reservoir, the sump tank and the aeroponic system for my babies, the sump tank would have to be on the right side, underneath the man res and hte main res would be above bothe the aero and the sump, just brainstorming how to have hte water enter the aero system and exit with the least amount of energy consumed and the least risk of overflow or flooding...
  6. oooh! BASIL!
    i love the smell of basil, clones SUPER easy too:)
  7. Yes it does!

    We are hoping to be able to do between 1-1.5 lbs per square foot a month. Aeroponicaly grown basil should fetch a premium.
  8. Thats killer
    If one could use a completely organic nutrient line, that would be fabulous, especially 1 1/2 lb of organic basil per ft per month!!!
    sure will check it out

  9. i think an aquaponics setup will beat out any organic nute line any day of the week then u get ur basil and fish and freshwater lobsters/prawn and clams to go to market with it, and th8ough ive never shopped for nutes i think that fish food may be cheaper than nutes...
    but thats my personal opinion, still here for the design and set up though...
  10. We did extensive research on this and found that Aquaponics simply isn't worth it. What makes aquaponics popular is that it is a minature eco system and that sells among those who are enviormentalists.

    The problem however is that using organic products like Botanicare in an aeroponic system will blow away the growth rate of aquaponics. The other argument by aquaponics growers is that thie nutrients are "free". Well this may be the case, but they are forgeting to mention the investment and ongoing costs of maintaining the filter and bio componenets of the system. When you factor those costs in, you are not saving anything over Aero.. you are actually loosing against it.

    One last thing with aquaponics, you have to constantly be monitoring the "eco system" because one little problem and you could loose not only plants, but fish too.

    Our research showed that it would be far more cheaper, less risk and more productive to build an aeroponic system to grow plants and if you wanted to grow fish, simply do so with a RAS system.

    From an enviornmental impact though.. our system uses half as much water as Aquaponics.
  11. ^interesting results man
    personally i prefer permaculture techniques in soil to aquaponics any day but i figured that if aquaponics was ever something i decided to do it would have to be a high value crop to make it worth all that work, for lettuce and shit it seemed kinda worthless to me personally

  12. Thanks..

    Check out the Basil at 19 days.. we just topped it.

  13. Yo boss, thanks for the link. I am researching areo growing & this helped me a lot.


  14. i always top the fuck outta my basil:D
  15. FIM that basil and SCROG that shit!
  16. You have a really, really beautiful system here! I'm sorry you didn't get the crowd interest you were looking for, but as my own business grows, hopefully I will be able to buy your product in the not too far future.
    Great work, and best of luck to you and your private equity investors.

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