New mini glass on glass w/ Milk Vid

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    Got it for $25. Tell me what you think. Hits like an $80 bong I tried once.


  2. if it hits good its good. i have a cheaper glass on glass also and it works as good as much as i paid for it.
  3. Pretty sweet for 25 bones. Great pick up.
  4. That looks like a great deal, enjoy it.
  5. that glass looks really thick for 25 bucks. i love it when i see these kinds of deals. im more of a high end guy myself, but i need something smaller like that for myself so i can do more sneaky bong toking. lol. can you pm me on where you got it?
  6. Damn you've got a lot of munchies there.

    But where did you get such a great deal??!
  7. I got it at St Marks Pl, if you ever go to the city def check it out. You can get any kind of piece at good prices and if you wanna smoke look for rastas so you can cop some Jamaican mids lol
  8. Ha I've done both of those things.
    Do you remember where on St. Marks or which store it was?
  9. when you say the city, do you mean New York or SF bay area? cus i have a feeling its new york with your display name. lol
  10. Yea NYC 4 life.

    NYCD, its the 3rd or 4th hs on the right side if your walking from union sq. Look for the shop with a shelf on the right side loaded with bongs.
  11. damn. im in the SF bay area... i wish i knew where i could get deals like that here. that looks like a badass little bong to have and i am wayyyyy more than jealous right now. lol
  12. Closer to 2nd or 3rd? Um Let's say your walking from 3rd down to 2nd.. Right or left side of the street.
  13. Lol you shouldn't be. If I drop it from a height of 3 inches or more im screwed. The original price was $35 but I talked him down.
  14. Here you go NYCD

  15. Wait, what? Is that little arrow pointing to the head shop? They look like sunglasses...
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    Haha that was more then I expected.
    Thanks NYD, those little stands do give good prices, easy to talk down too.

    Edit: oh shit that's the one where I went with my friend for a chillum.
  17. Yea man (or girl), if youve been to St. Marks past 5 hours youll see they added lots of crazy stuff. Percs designs ive never seen before, but for a price.
  18. Sweet, I'm thinking of hitting the bong(roor or Illy) then checking out st marks and get some food.
  19. Yup thats a headshop. Maybe a few years ago when this pic was taken they didnt sell ass much bongs.
  20. Miiillllkkkk!

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