New MGW Stemless Double Perc Broken/Defective HELP!

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  1. I ordered an MGW Stemless Double Perc off of ALT and when I received it the 9-arm tree perc was broken inside of the tube, however we filled it with water prior to realizing the obvious crack and once we emptied the water it was rattling.

    My question is, I know ALT has a No-use return policy.. does that void it? Clearly the piece was defective and it its 100% clean, Keep in mind it has been less than 24 hours since we received and opened the package. However, the piece we ordered is out of stock so we are even willing to pay an extra 300ish dollars to upgrade to another MGW piece that has an additional ashcatcher.

    How is ALT's customer service when it comes to things like this? I hope that our willingness to pay the extra 300ish dollars just to get a similair MGW piece shows how much we want a fully functional one.
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    If your looking to spend so much get a better brand like Sovereignty or something. They should replace it since it arrived broken.
  3. Call. What are you waiting for? I have no personal experience with ALT but I know my LHS would exchange it, so why wouldn't an online headshop? I'd be really pissed if I spent so much on GOOD glass and it came broken. If ALT can't help, try MGW dude. They're located in New York and I've heard they have great customer service. I personally own a beaker bottom MGW and can say nothing but great things about it. And Makaveli, what's wrong with MGW? Thick ass glass with excellent quality for a more than decent price? I think you may be wrong my friend...
  4. If you actually used it it may be hard to return, but you may be able to clean it well enough that its ok...risky though. also talking to mgw is a good idea.
  5. Try to return it and then let us know how it goes, just try to make sure it doesn't look like it was used...As long as there is no resin it should be ok....Dont buy shitty brands...
  6. What??? Name one thing shitty about them...
  7. Chinese joints
  8. Nah dude.. Definitely not chinese joints. Their joints, I believe are even thicker than the 7mm standard tube. They're 14mm now I believe. Or at least mine is and so is every MGW at my LHS.
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    mgw are built sturdy as fuck. The main reason i have my mgw as a travel tube, shits tuff.

    Please tell me you didnt use it....

    Dude your the PAYING customer, you get what you pay for or take your money elsewhere..... your not the first person to receive something damaged so theyll know if it was shipping or your fault.

    also i read on another forum where some dudes trees broke and mgw replaced it with a new tube, no questions asked. Not sure which forum it was.
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    The size of the joint has no bearing on where it was made....I have honalee joints on somr of my pieces that are both 14mm and 18.8mm

    Edit: Had one...It was ok but I upgraded because it was cheap. And made in america means chinese parts assembled by americans.
  11. Dude I am telling you that the joints on all MGW's are made in New York. Guarantee it.

  12. how did u come to the conclusion it was cheap glass.... ur coming off ignorant as fuck.:rolleyes:
  13. I owned a MGW and didn't like it. Just because my opinion is different doesn't mean its ignorant. Sorry I don't agree with you.

    Edit: Just noticed your sig :rolleyes:
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    how did u find it cheap tho.......
  15. I never meant to say MGW was a Bad brand, but most people know that, for example, the "Manifest - Clear Double Perk Beaker - Rasta" is a waste of cash. Instead you could of put it towards something 2x as awesome for the same price. The Double perk costs about 300, has only a 9 arm, and a basic diffused downstem. You would have to get a good downstem 40-60$ to make that a good tube, never hit one myself before, but it probably wouldn't be as good as some of the gridded percs available for the same price.

    Really, nothing against MGW, but come on. Can't deny the facts. Not sure if they use China Joints, but I wouldn't say they were low end. I would say they are overpriced mid end.

  16. As an MGW fan/owner I would probably agree with you from what I've seen lately. I got one of their straight shower cap tubes a while ago at a LHS for right around 220. Its their larger shower cap, not the mini...has about..16 slits or so. I'd say for that price it would be difficult to really beat it, but most of the tubes I see now with the diffuser cap are up in the $500+, which seems pretty over priced to me. The glass is good quality though, nice and thick, the welds look pretty clean. If you find a good price on one I would go for it, but if you are looking at over 250-300 Id say you can do better.
  17. In regards to the OP, I'm pretty sure ALT will be willing to fix the situation ... especially since it arrived broken (and given the time range etc).
  18. Called and they said to ship it back for a refund. However after reading these comments I want to think about what to put the 480 dollars towards. The tube I bought was exactly like the Double Perc linked in this thread just without the worked ashcatcher and I really loved it, Im willing to drop an extra 250ish dollars along with the 480 does anybody know what it should go towards if not the MGW worked double perc/ashcatcher?

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