New Metallica is out

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  1. Hell yeah dude i'm buying this album. I love metallica! Kirk hammet owns. They're gonna be more guitar solos unlike st.anger and shit.
  2. The Day That Never Comes is pretty sweet, I heard it on the radio today. It has like nine solos, so it instantly reminded me of Megadeth's Hangar 18. Anything is a step up from St. Anger though, man did that album suck dick.
  3. Maybe if it was still the mid 90's I would be excited in hearing that Metallica had a new album coming out.
  4. Just listened to it.

    Lame as hell. Absolutely no originality in the solos. It definitely doesn't compare to Hangar 18.

    The production is too glossy for a band that's supposed to be "metal". I don't think James Hetfield is doing Metallica any favors by allowing them to use pitch correction on his voice. It sounds like shitty pop.

    I like the fact that they're actually trying to write songs that are more complex, akin to some of the earlier work, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

    They were great at one time, but it's been a while. A long while.
  5. thats ok, I know everyone is on the "dude im so cool they totally sold out" bandwagon.....but come on
  6. I dont care what anyone says

    st. anger was a GREAT metallica album.

    Ive never encountered a metallica song i absolutely hated

    this album is alright... i only heard one song from it premired on the radio and it was aight
  7. I agree with you there.

    The solos toward the end in my opinion seem weak. Pretty much the same notes/progression. The beginning was pretty cool though.

    Metallica is just to old. James has lost his good voice. And Metallica has lost its talent :( sad to say.

    But then again. most of the songs that get played on the radio suck. So who knows there might be hope :eek:
  8. Metallica sold out.

    Wow, I feel totally cool now...

    But, seriously, it's not just that, anyone who knows anything about thrash and appreciates it gets sick at the thought of the shit they are making now.
  9. It's still weird without Newsted around...but I am excited.
  10. Lol @ that picture. Alright fellow old fucks, let's all wear shades and denim and look badass, shit are we cool.

    A little repetitive but that was a pleasant step up from St. Anger.
  11. I have a hard time getting excited for Metallica any more, they passed their peak years ago.

    I think Guns n' Roses is putting out something new soon.
  12. Yeah, but sad part about GNR is that Axle has lost alot of his vocal talent.
  13. Thanx for letting us know u think they're cool. That statement should be for rappers in cars with rims and shit.
  14. By the way this band is old as fuck. 27 years old and still making shit. Ain't as good as they were way back in the day but still going and making solid shit. I think this song was pretty good. The intro kicks ass, the ending is alright. I honestly think the tuned hetfields voice because it'd sound better for the song. Either that or something else happened. He singed fine at live earth and shit.

  15. A bunch of (almost) 50 year olds playing dress-up and wearing the exact same thing is a little ridiculous to me, sorry. Some things should've died out.

  16. I'm sure they think it sounds better, but I'm just not a fan of music that sounds overproduced. These guys were (and probably still are) amazing musicians. Why not let their music stand on its own?

    I've seen them live many times, and it's still a great show despite the fact that James Hetfield is a complete whack job simply because there's so much energy in their performances. They should try to capture that energy in the records they record.

    JMHO, of course.

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