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Discussion in 'General' started by KronosX, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. I've noticed that there are more new members to this forum everyday. I love the fact that our community is growing so quickly. It's much more active than it was just a few months ago when I signed up. Before it would take a decent amount of time to get any responses to posts, but now, within minutes people are responding. So spread the word, let's grow even larger.
  2. i dunno man.

    i mean sure it's good to get responses quickly, and from a wide variety of sound people... but the bigger the party the greater the chance of there being some really unsavoury types. u know the type i mean... wear funny hats... have major superiority complexes and delusions of grandure... the ones who stand out like a sore thumb @ smokey bears picnics and other similar events... the type that kick down doors of MS and Cancer sufferers... i think u all know who i'm on about.
  3. you dont think they take a peak at this site already? if we found it, im sure they didnt hve any problem finding it. ive only been on here for about 6 months so im kinda new. best message board ive found.
  4. This place has really taken off over the last 6 months or so!

    I see the city is above 3000 members now!

    That's way cool.

    I was Yahooka refugee when I came here. About the time they hit 4000 over there it turned into graffitti board. Will it happen here? I doubt it.

    The main difference is Lunaira disappeared about the time it really started to takeoff. It was a cool place that went to shit cause nobody was driving the boat.

    We got us a Superjoint here who keeps things running quite smoothly.

    It takes many blades to make a field.

    Join us.

    Or be swept under.

  5. HIGH All, aaahhhhh as the city gets bigger so do the assholes!!!
  6. lol unoit! true, true! but i havent' seen a real increase of assholes around here. sure a few, but i think this forum is being well taken care of by superjoint & the moderators (that sounds like a band)...

    and like smokinokie said, yahooka is alot like a graffiti board.. here it seems people seem to respect one another alot more, i think that this is what the 'city's foundation was built on, and i hope it will remain the same...

    so to all the newbies, if you're here to start shit, be an ass, or act like you're better than everyone else, go to another board cos that's not what it's about here! :)

    the more the merrier, so long as the quality of the board doesn't degrade too much.

  7. I aint been funny but i liked it more when there was less people thats why i don't come online as much now too many new faces...

  8. I love the fact we are growing, but I'm aware about the fact that this should stay a quality board, I do not doubt we can get bigger without the quality of the board becomes less. I give a great responsibility to the moderators and admins. Every morning I read all new messages, most of the time "spam, bullshit or advertisements or hate postings" are already deleted by the mods, if not, I do it or close the threads. I care about this place and so do a lot of dedicated members and I think that makes the difference :)

    The future will tell!

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  9. The future is molded by how people handle the present. And I think Grasscity is being handled JUST how it should be. If we closed the gate to new members at this point, we'd be missing out and turn into an "exclusive" community, which could cause problems down the line!

    Super props to superjoint & the moderators who work their tails off to keep this place as wonderful as it is. I run the Music Hall but that's an easy task, some of these other boards I know I couldn't keep up with & don't know how ya'all do it, so THANK YOU!
  10. I know i'm not a real veteran here yet. But I feel at home here. Glad to see the Mods got it on lockdown. Keep up the good work
  11. yeah..super mad outrageous props to you all...and to everyone who contributes..yeah, it does feel kinda like a home :D
  12. Yea I love this place... it isn't spammed (much) and everyone is nice so that's a plus!
  13. well Hi everyone. Defiantly new here but i used to be on W-F(weed forums) in my late teens. Now Im months removed from thirty and back into my old smoking ways. Lifes changed a lot but i hope i can find a good community here like i didn't with all my past fellow stoners.

    Stop Drop and ROLL!
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  14. OP is 18 years old.. you'd be better making a thread here introducing yourself lol

    Introduce Yourself
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    I believe some of the spike in new members may have something to do with other weed forums becoming politically radicalized. Take a look at RIU If you are conservative you are trolled to all ends of the earth. You will be called a racist 1,000 times an hour. It’s pretty bad. Here at GrassCity neither side is silenced.
    Keep this up and you guys will continue to grow.
  16. This is the first place I landed when I was on a mission for some answers and I’ve found every single one of them.
    Great community
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  17. I'm kinda new here, only 8 years in, still finding my way around the forums...
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  18. I First Join in 06 lol but I was Not Active at all much back then. Now I Got the Most Posts I ever Made ona Forum tho. I Love GC a lot it my Internet Home.:love::inlove:;wub:


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  20. Lol Thank you :love::inlove:;wub:


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