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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ICE_COLD, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. Hi guys and girls.....this place looks cool
    so i decided to join. I have good knoledges about
    hydro and soil....but there is always place for
    learning new tricks :)
  2. Welcome aboard. Care to spill a bit about yourself?
  3. I'd like to welcome one of the newest blades ICE_COLD. He's from a different forum and has given me some great advice about my indoor grow. So, welcome aboard ICE!
  4. Thanks to both of you for the warm welcome:)

    420girlie....ok here are some infos about myself:
    I have been growing mj for 6 years now. I started with hydro than swich to soil and now i use soil with hydro nutes. I plan on trying the bubblers prety soon.

    I grow mainly to produce new strains. Here is a picture of my latest breeding work. I started them under fluros for two weeks and they are now under two 400w hps. They are 3 weeks old, 3 to 3.5 inches tall and have 4 to 5 sets of leafs.
    The strains:
    JHxSHxShiskaberry (from a friend)
    ShivaShanti (from a friend)
    EarlyGirl (from a friend)

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  5. Hey Ice cold, welcome to grass city!

    Your plants look fantastic. You'll have to keep us updated with more pic's.
  6. Hi All Whats Happening this looks like a nice place to visit
    my friend ICE COLD pointed me here and i thought i would join as well to see what kind of people live here :)
    just to let you all know im not a grower :-( but have been a heavy smoker for lots o yeras and dont see an end to that any time soon so fire them splifs up and no need to pass it around just have enough for everyone :)
  7. Welcome to grasscity. I hope you are going to share those nice plants with us.
  8. testing my signiture pic like it ? :)
  9. sweet it retroactivaly added my pic way cool !!!!! i think im gona like it here :)
  10. Hi Shockwave......yes this place looks cool :)

    Thanks to all for the is always nice to get such messages when you join a new site!!!

    I am to busy at the moment to get involved in the different forums.....but i should be back in about a week or two and i will participate on a regular basis.

    Have fun everyone.....see you soon:)

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