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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Shimen, May 1, 2006.

  1. Alright so how you guys doing. Alright so let me tell you what i got going on here. 9 plants (one died) got them in 12 inch pots. In my closet with 4 48 inch flourescent 6500 k tubes. My type of soil is organic mix with verm and perlite. I use all organic fertilizer (wanted to see if the weed really does taste better :) i leave my lights on 24 hours a days. My plants are a little of a foot tall and very bushy. I dont know what strain I got the seeds off my buddy. We both liked the bud we smoke tasted like lemonade :) and smelt like it too. So any way i got irregular shaped yellow spots on some of my older leaves. They turn brown in the center of the spot and stay yellow on the outside of the spot and seem to spread. Now i am thinking this is some kind of a fungus and please correct me if i am wrong. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I water when the the soil feels almost dry at the very bottom of the pot. I dont know what the Ph is of the soil and yes i know :) i should find out. thanks in advance.
  2. a picture would really help us to help you.

    If your older leaves are showing signs of interveinal chlorosis (especially on your older leaves), usually starting at the tip and then traveling up toward your plant between the veins, then it could likely be Mg deficient. Especially if the tips of the leaves or the sides of the leaves are beginning to curl upward.

    Without a picture though, it's really hard to diagnose your specific issue.
  3. Unfortunatly i dont have a camera to take a picture with. Sucks i know believe me. It does not start at the tip and travel downward. The spots just appeard where they wanted to, no particular area on the leaf, and my leaves look very healthy dark green and very straight. I have been told it is a fungus of some sort. But it does not appear on all my plants just a couple. It is time for me to start the 12/12 cycle and dont think i can use a fungacide on them now. So would it be alright to just cut the affected leaves off and start flowering.? again sorry for no pictures really wish i had something.
  4. clip them. see what happens.
  5. Hey buddy,
    Welcome to Grass City. I would not put these plants into 12/12 just yet with the problem you are having. Solve the problem then go 12/12. By doing this the worst thing that will happen is the plants get larger and you get more grass.

    Also, cutting the leaves off won't do anything; it just hides the problem like sweeping it under the rug. Has this plant been fed yet and with what and how often? If you think it is a fungus, what is the temperature and humidity of your grow room? Also, do you spray the plants or mist them? This could help fungus and mold to form.

    Next time you go to Home Depot, Lowe's or wherever, pick yourself up a $5-$7 PH tester the one that you stick down into the soil. It is absolutely essential especially when the plant is having trouble.
  6. Hey thanks for your reply i picked up a tester tonite i work at lowes its a rapitest pH meter. But the thing cant be working right cause when i stick it in my soil it reads about 6.5 or 6.3 My humidity is not very high even though i do not have a hygrometer my fan leaves are skinny , a sign of low humidity if i am correct. Also my temp stays around 75 80 maybe a little lower at night. And i know i will get more bud but i have space limitations and if the plants are susposed to double in size during flowering that means i will have like 6 ft tall plants. I am gonna see how to use this thing correctly. Also the last time i fed them was proly about 2 weeks ago. I am using a mix between vigoro and organic supplements. I had to use vigoro because they had week stems in the beginning and now they are fixed. i do think i answered all your questions. Thanks

  7. Right on. That is the ph tester I wanted you to get. 6.5-6.3 is perfect and I am sure it is working just fine. Skinny leaves could mean you have a Sativa plant. Start flower now if you have space limitations. Also, if you have not fed in 2 weeks go ahead and give them a full strength dose the next time you water.
  8. Wonderful then i will start my 12/12 and do full strength feeding in about 2 days. A little of subject but what is difference between sativa and, well shit i forgot the other kind damnit cannot remember for the life of me well you know what i am talking about. If you got a link that describe difference between the two that would be awesome. Any idea on the spots. Read something on the forums that talked about calcium diff. But i would think they should be apparent on all plants since watering schedule and feeding schedule are the same. Anyway thanks alot for your help.
  9. Sativa: Can grow to taller than your ceiling ;p Long thin leaves, lighter color than indica, gives a head high

    Indica: Small shrub looking plant, fatter shorter leaves, gives a strong body high

    This is very basic, but you get the gist of it.
  10. yeah i get it. I like body highs more. head highs freak me out a little. I get this feeling that i cant stop my head from moving. :) Is there a way to get good seeds from any where but a seed bank. I kinda leary about buying A Class B Felony and having it shipped to my house. No to mention i grow shrooms also. So i would be in a heep of shit.

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