New member. Showing off my pieces.

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  1. Hey guys, I've been reading for a while, but just recently started posting and I figured I'd show off some stuff :).

    I've had my bowl for a while now, got him for $25 and he was clear and dark green, now its a crazy blue and green, with some purple on the mouth.

    That grinder I picked up last night when my friend was picking out a pipe, it called out to me haha.

    My bong is my baby, I just got it a few days ago at a convenience store for only $30, I was so excited, its metallic green, purple, and blue. The only drawback is that it's opaque, so I can't really tell how much water to put in except by trial and error until I get a good feel for it.

    Tell me what you think, I'm about to go enjoy the bong with my friend lol.

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  2. Love the colours of your spoon. eets noice. lol @ ur grinder.. what are you austin powers?
  3. Cool pics, I used to have a spoon that looked similar to yours but mine went MIA:(.
  4. :smoke:Nice pieces bro and thats a sick Bong welcome to GC man keep us posted
  5. Thanks guys, lol @ the austin powers comment. I saw it and the first thing I said was "that thing's shagadelic".

    The bong's less than a foot tall, but it packs a punch for it's size. Anyone else ever have an opaque bong that could give me any tips for filling it without a lot of guesswork?
  6. nice glass and welcome to the city
  7. .....i have the sneaking suspicion this guy is gay........
  8. Welcome, nice pieces bro.:smoke:
  9. honestly, baby, its not mine.


  10. Ha hahaha..Great Chuckle there.
  11. That I am, actually. Better not be a problem, us queers love our MJ just as much as anyone else :smoke:.

    Thanks for the nice comments guys!
  12. No way its a prob, bro, i was actually pretty surprised i was right :p
    sweet pieces btw :D
  13. Welcome!!!!:wave: Nice pics man!!!:hello:
  14. That was funny as shit!

    I like the colors on the spoon, but please put it in a baggy with iso and salt for a while, haha. Nice pieces.
  15. nice colors! :smoke:
  16. I know, I haven't cleaned it in a few weeks, I gotta get on that lol.

    I'm stoned as hell cuz of that bong lol. Making ramen as we speak.

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