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New member. pickup i got today for free

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GrnAppleKush, May 27, 2009.

  1. Far left is a little nug of lemon skunk, middle is some dank sativa, far right is some leftover regs. got it all for free for bringing my homie to his probation officer today. :D


    heres some other stuff ( i was GrnAppleKush, but i couldnt recover my passwd)

  2. Does the lemon skunk actually smell like lemons ? I hope it does . :D
  3. i want some and i am going to steal the frog.
  4. you have a good friend :)
  5. hehe thanks. hows you jeanine? :D
  6. out of that pic my favorite thing is definitely the frog. definitely. seriously, I WANT THAT. + rep for some herb too.
  7. That frog is the sickest thing ive ever seen
  8. haha yea all my friends want it too. you can get them at Spencers. they have all kinds. not all frogs... go check em out
  9. OMG I want that frog too. He'd be so chill to smoke with.

    Reminds me of a frog my buddies stole that had a "Garden of Weedin" sign in his hands.
  10. Ah, you have me green with envy.
  11. dude.. that is a fuckin BADASS frog!

    oh.. nice nugget. hahahha, hows that lemon skunk?
  12. thats all i have of the lemon. barely any. did one small hit in a one hitter and wow... cant even explain the taste. its so sweet. great high. very very mellow, no paranoia... creative high, makes u wanna get up and go do some shit lol

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