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    Let me know what you think!

    Blueberry kush
    Blackberry kush
    Gods gift
    OG kush
    White Russian
    Guns n roses (ak47 x lavender) new and excited!!
    Blue dream
    Snow skunk (unknown cross)

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  2. Looks good! U live in Cali?
  3. Yes I do! Have a great spot! Love nor cal!
  4. Hey man, looking good! You can't beet that plot of yours with wide open NorCal sun. I live in NorCal too but have to have a fence around my garden and that blocks the light part of the day. Still a better place to grow than just about anywhere else in the world. Welcome to GC and the outdoor growers forum.
  5. Thanks man. For sure can't beat that Cali sun!!! The only problem I have to worry about is deer! But over the years I have learned to use fishing line! Confuses the shit out of them and they give up trying to pass this invisible thing holding them back. Funny shit!!!! Suck putting up a fence. No neighbors so I am lucky I don't have to.
  6. Sorry a couple of the pictures are sideways. I will fix them soon as I get to a computer.
  7. Yeah I don't have much choice about the fence. I can call the police by walking out my front door and yelling I'm so damn close to the police station, lol. Not to mention the highschool kids walking past that could easily pluck my plants without the fence. Its about 8 tf and I just got some barbed wire to put on top to keep people from climbing over as easily. But hopefully the dogs and my constant presence will keep them at bay. Its a pain in the ass living in town. As soon as my kids are in college I'm moving up to my cabin in the Lassen. Then I'll have pure sun all day. But I can't see moving them into a one room cabin in the middle of nowhere.

    That is funny about the dear. I like your method a lot better than some other peoples. Some jerk was saying to put nails face up sticking out of boards and let them impale themselves. Really fucked up IMO.
  8. Ya I love having the deer around and I don't want to hurt them just keep em away. I'll run after them like a crazy man but that's about it. I also piss every morning on rocks around the area. Rocks seem to hold your smell longer. Did for years on the ground but never worked so I tried rocks. This year only one deer within 20 ft so far is as close as they have been.

    Sucks your in town!!!!! Those damn high school kids will do anything to look cool! I have had friends get plants still in full veg stripped!!!! IDIOTS!!!! Smell must be hard to mask come flower!!!!
  9. Man that would suck! I always assumed I was fairly safe from rippers in veg, but I could totally see kids doing that. I heard some kids walking past yesterday talking about how they were selling their parents packs of cigs for $3 a pack! Off topic, but just shows how illogical they are. Just steeling money from their parents would be more efficient, lol. Anyway yeah I love dear. Good idea about peeing on the rocks! I might try that at my gorilla grow. I'm no excerpt gorilla grower and they probably won't make it to harvest where I put them, but I thought I'd give it a try. It'll be a learning experience with a few extra clones I cut. Nice talking to you man. Good luck with the grow. They look like they're going to yield quite nicely for you.
  10. Thanks bro good luck to you as well!!!

    Happy Growing!

    Post more pics as they get farther into flower!
  11. i hate you california people shits not fair!!! lol joking. but good shit mayne i wish it was legal in the other 47 states to grow some stupid size plants outdoors and no one even bother fucking with them
  12. If it were me and growing was illegal where I lived I would get a few 25-45 gallon smart pots (whatever size is easier to hide) and throw them in a garden in your back yard. Would never be seen. Keep their height down by topping and even super cropping and tying them down. Even chicken wire over them will force them out more then up. Easy to hide with lots of green around them.

    I have friend that live in the city that do that and even go to somekind of fabric store or dollar store and buy twist tie flowers and put them on the plant to make it that much harder to spot! Or you could just up and move to a state that is legal!!!
  13. Very nice grow. I also use the cut in half 55g barrels. Love seeing people using the large pots. So many people skip on that.

    Again very nice.
  14. Thanks! Yes they work great! Drill a bunch of holes and your good to go! Cheap and easy.

    Couple videos if anyone wants to see a better shot of what I did with the barrels on YouTube.
    User name

    The update video shows one of them up close.
  15. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL unreal +rep....... cant stop staring at them.
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    Thank you. I will have some higher quality pics up soon. Not to shabby for being in 45 gal smart pots. The gray pots you can make yourself! It's ground cover weed control stuff you can buy at just about any hardware store if anyone was wondering. Just gotta have them sewin up. Easy cheap pots!!!!!
  17. Few more.

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  18. oh how i wish i dint have neighbors!

    looks good!

    got me drooling.

  19. Sorry for the turned photo again. It uploads fine but once posted it is turned. Hope you all enjoy anyway!
  20. Weed control cover? looking to make my own pots for next year and they sound perfect.
    Are they breathable?

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