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  1. hey all got some new LR2's growing much better success than the last time, these seedling are two weeks old and thriving the only problem i have is that one of the plants the leaves are over lapping and twisting in all sort of weird shapes and wot not any advice in this much appreciated. heres the link to that issue its the freak on the top left KAT

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  2. What lights/nutes/soil are you using?
  3. im using 200w 56k cfl's for veg and a compost soil mixture, no nutes added yet
  4. Just leave it and it'll grow out of that phase. There's always one in every batch with twisted leaves as seedlings. It'll pass.
  5. thats what i thought oskar i am hoping it will grow out im sure it will
  6. I thought the point of lowryder was to skip vegging? It looks to me like your plants are very much vegging. I don't know for sure though.
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    well every plant has to veg how do u expect they gather there ability to grow via photosynthesis they veg for 4 and flower for 4 they santa maria x lowryder not LR1 but LR2 do ur reasearch if u looked at the pics you would see that even if it where the original LR it still would be to small they are 2 weeks old, dude how long long you been growing for
  8. I'd say if you want to get the leaves growing more to the standard, I would tell you to remember to keep the cfls fairly close to the plants, so they can take full advantage of those lights.
  9. well the lights are always very close to the top and sides of the canopy, i have been doing that and i have noticed a great deal of growth from the start
  10. Leafs can do things like that cuz plant get not enough water...and when i look to soil in picture ...give them more water!but not to much ofcourse
  11. ive been giving all of them the same amount of water dude and the other two are fine, i was thinking it might be a genetic defect of some kind
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    It shouldnt be any defect i think.
    Just give only for that plant little bit more water...if leafs do like that for next 5 days try to make lower water...
    My trainwreck some times do like yours dont worry this isnt big problem i think but i fix it by changing water amount.good luck man !

  13. iv just finnished growing lr#2 and they do not need to veg..
    the whole point to lowriders is that they flower straight from seed. i had mine on 18/6 from the first shoots comming through the soil. then for the last 2 weeks i had them on 24/0. to help in the final push

    heres a couple of pics before cutting
    and a couple after witha clipper lighter next to the buds

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  14. Might be a nitrogen deficiency. No yellow though so I don't know.
  15. they are nice man well done how much bud did u get off them in the end
  16. Wow dude, I would expect a plant to get that big after two weeks under an HPS.

    Your doing great! Must be a natural green thumb. Keep us updated and let us know how the harvest is!
  17. well they are under cfl and i just found a male clump of balls in the centre of each node bummer and if you are wondering which one it is its the one at the bottom of the first pic
  18. ive just ordered lr2 ,from my research,they grow in vegg for about 2 weeks,and then switch automatically into flowerting,without a need to add the 12/12 cycle
    sayus u can keep them under a 24/0 cycle throughout the whole grow,and after around 8 weeks the plant is finished
    as for the leaf,its fine that will work its self out,ive had a few plants do that ,and they all worked themselfs out
  19. Damn that sucks. How old are they?
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    warparty they mine are 2 weeks and have shown sex so that might be a help, and fool yea they are 2 weeks old or just over, well the balls are still very small another 24hrs and ill know for sure

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