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  1. <HR style="COLOR: #ecfcb2" SIZE=1> What up .. im new to the forum...Lookin for some help with cleaning my new Acyrlic's small and portable...and only 20 bucks ( good deal in my opinion)...ill post a pic but if anyone has ne good cleanin techniques to clean acylic bong let me kno

    my Bong & Bowl (i cleaned it yesterday) :D

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  2. i have no idea how to clean an acrylic.

    i'm pretty sure isopropyl alcohol would destroy it, and that's all i use to clean my glass.

    possibly one of the cleaners they sell at headshops, but they might ruin it to.

    run it under the hottest possible tap water, that's all i can think of.
  3. i was thinkin about tapin up the carb and stem and fillin it up with water and droppin an efferdent in there lol
  4. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    Formula 420 says it can be used on acryllics (basically just rubbing alcohol and salt i believe)

    just cover all the holes and shake it up then rinse thoroughly
  5. i though rubbing alcohol was bad for acyrlic .. but idk ill look into it
  6. which is why i said formula 420 ;)

    says right on the bottle that you can use it on acryllics. I assume there is a different ingredient in it that allows it to be safe on those type of bongs

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