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New Look Digit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Digit, Mar 6, 2003.


which avater did you like best?

  1. Green.

    0 vote(s)
  2. Tan/orange/brown

    0 vote(s)
  1. NEW LOOK!

    whadya think?
    maybe i'm just getting avatar vanity, but i thought it was time for a change. green is still my favorit color but i go fo the earthy colors more these days so...
  2. Its only healthy that you have change sometimes.
  3. I prefer green!!! :) Do it in blue and let me check that out! Since you seem to have some extra time on your hands...;)
  4. aw, I liked the 4-2-0 hand action in the green one! i like green. mmmm..420
  5. lol, that 420 was the shit ;)

    personally I'd like green, but maybe blue like rmjl said :D
  6. ok... how about this.

    maybe i went too far?

    WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING PLAYING WITH MY AV WHEN I HAVE A WEBSITE TO UPLOAD!>>!>>!>??!>!?>!??!>??/>!?>!?.?!>?>!?./>1>?><<1<./<./1/';~@!:{}:]['#.~@.};..;.[;.]'/}.{:>[>:,;.]'}'}.#}####;~;~:[}.>]@]'..}>*(&^*&$!"£$%^&&*:{~_(**_+ eek!
  7. make it pink man! lol..nah

    btw, if ya ever need any help graphics - wise for your site, im your man ;)
  8. hahaha! help with the graphics? arghahahahaha! it aint the graphics i got a problem with... its the booooooooooaring uploading and website construction that gets me.

    u a funny guy stylez

    yeah i'll keep u in mind anyways... thnx dude.
  9. Whoa...now that's a trip, Digit!!!!! You went all out, this time!
  10. so is that a thumbs up from my queen?
  11. That's a positive!!!

    Actually, it's more of a ::::Rub Digit the right way:::: kind of thing!!!!

    ...vibes and all!!!!
  12. /me does the 2.8k RMJL dance

    /me does the rapper-stoner-pornstar dance

    /me jumps out the window
  13. Well, while you are doing the 2.8 dance for me...allow me to do the 800 dance for you!!!

    ::::doing the dance:::::

    We are all a bunch of stoner freaks and fruitcakes! I love it!!! You Blades are so friggen cool!!! :) :)
  14. digit i like the new look. a seasonal change in a vineyard.
  15. ::: Digit does the dance, but has to stop early to tie down stylez's rappidly disapearing bungee cord :::

    phew... close one.
    u ok stylez? u not hurt no?

    freeks fiends friends.

    we all fruit&nutcakes.

    A man walks into a doctors office wearing nuthing but cling film shorts.

    DR says "I can quite clearly see your nuts"


    daaaaang those funky vibes! ;)

    diggin it.
  16. yeh im fine, luckly im stoned so I cant feel the broken neck \o/
  17. heeheehee. ow. and i thought i had spinal problems!!
  18. your old avatar always made me think of moby...

    edit: whoa, 666 posts

    freeky man
  19. heehee... moby. why? does he look like moby or something?

    well... i've decided... this is what i'm sticking with.

    tan morphing through a purple & blue to green.
  20. I really did like the green one :D

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