New Login Options for new grasscity accounts - Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect

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    Hello Blades,
    As we try make registering for the forums easier, we have added two new signup options for  members, those are:
    Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect.
    As we know how sensitive new media can be for our members, especially facebook, we still want to give this option to our members if they CHOOSE to do so.
    Please note that regarding security and what we share from our users in no way will ever be shared with facebook, twitter or any other website, unless you give your permission to the  applications yourself to do it! Being an existing user, these two new options does not change anything regarding your user account or any connection with GB or Twitter, nor will it ever.
    However for your security and piece of mind, whenever you choose to use FB Connect or twitter as an existing member, please make sure to configure your user settings correctly. You can do that in your settings.
    SJ and the GC Team


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