new local bong AND incredible hindu kush [PICS]

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  1. picked up this beauty from a local headshop in NY. it hits incredible smooth, dare i say...just like a rooooooor! it has a 4 branch tree perc leading to a splash guard right under the ice notches. also, what i really like about it is the custom design and thickness/weight of the bong. when you pick it up you can def tell there is a heavier feel than normal. THe skulls on top also look really sweet. havent thought of a new name for this bong yet. my last one was named the "insane-o-flex"...for anyone who's seen the ATHF movie, u know what i'm talking about:D:D:D

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  2. That's pretty sweet. How much did it run you?
  3. hoooooley shit.

    i love nacho libre!
  4. ^^Yea fuck the bong, how much was the nacho libre poster?

    Nah jk nice piece/bud +Rep
  5. the bong, diffused down stem and bowl came to a total of $170. Not a bad deal if you ask me.
  6. naw dude that's a nice price.
  7. i love the design on that thing
    and the price is more than reasonable
    nice scoop!
  8. AYo im in Ny to what headshop did you go to
  9. very nice bong, and monitor :D, love the red detail in it
  10. NAME: Skeletor :D
  11. nice i have the same screen! haha, nice bong

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