new lil wayne song KOBE BRYANT

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by SmokerZLink, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. yeahh....that shit was pretty nasty:hello:
  2. Uggghhh. I will never say I hate music but that was not appealing. At all.

  3. I thought it was pretty good....u just gotta know a lot of stuff about like basketball and its history
  4. Considering I hate kobe bryant, and lil wayne is starting to annoy me
    i'm not impressed.

  5. u should be that was nasty
  6. lil wayne is a cum guzzeling bitch

  7. while i do disagree if that be the case he and your mother had much more in common than i initially thought

  8. and now hes the champion
  9. this song is not good, lil wayne sucks and is fucking annoying.

    yo yo yo watermelon sweet like an ice cream treat. OH hehe, Im so clever~

    Its getting old, all you know how to do is rap metaphors. You suck. Die.

    Listen to some fucking wutang, 36 chambers if you want GOOD rap.

  10. what happened bromosexual no one would listen to ur tape???

    ur an idiot hes on at least one radio station at all times...... hes featured on everyones song becuase hes gold

    most people are about his music.... your opinion means shit ....
  11. Wayne can suck my balls. No offense to anyone that likes his shit. just my opinion.
  12. haha this is hilarious. maybe one day you will find some real hip hop. don't get pissed because someone doesn't like the same garbage as you.

    fuck mainstream

  13. Wow dude you are so hardcore going against the game.... yae fuck mainstream

    fucking retard... wayne is as far from mainstream as it gets.... obviously u didnt read the rolling stone article about him...... he releases about a song a day...... 90% of his shit is mixtapes the fact that a everyone is on his dick cause of his mainstream shit is w/e his mixtapes are where its at....

    dedication 3 was some of the best shit he has ever come out with

  14. lol. wayne is "gold" and "far from mainstream"'re a fucking idiot obviously...keep posting videos nobody gives a shit about. :hello:

  15. agreed. this kid is just a wayne dick rider who knows nothing about good music, it's a shame really.

  16. you guys are freaking badasses...what in the world do u listen to?
  17. This shit is older the word garbage.
  18. Lol, I agree 100%, so many Little Wayne dick riders out there, lmao, focus on your own life man, its just music. Hes also definitely about as mainstream as it gets, how could you even say hes underground? Underground = no popular radio stations, no fuckin mtv, vh1 or any other bullshit, independant/artists own record label.

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