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    Hello! Which light would be better for a 4x4 in your opinion. I’m curious, I have both.

    1. Mars hydro ts 3000W
    2. Viparspectra 1200W

    will they both perform well? I like that option 2 can be placed higher, and I’m worried option one may get too hot
  2. mars hydro ts3000
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  3. Do I have to answer if I think there is just as good if not better lighting for close to the same price .'
    The mars TS 3000 isn't true wattage and why ? why cant mars put the actual wattage on the side of there lights .
    Seems Misleading to me , but choice given between the two I would go with the Mars .
    You can make for yourself your own LED lights for about a buck a watt and you need 500 true watts for your 4x4 tent .

    I am sold on the Samsung boards ,,, I have sixteen of the 2v288 Samsung QB's normally in operation . but also sold on the latest technology ..
    There are choices now and there are some LED's being made that have extremely close efficacy levels as the Samsung boards .

    My deal is in the beginning i bought ten 300W mars LED grow lights without doing any research ..
    They were not 300W grow lights ,,,
    Personally i dont believe they were equivalent to a 300W HPS light either ..

    Moving on I Buy my LED lighting parts from HLG .
    Three of these and a the right power supplier
    QB288 V2 Rspec & Slate 2 Single Combo
  4. Those look great. I’ll research the lights when I get out of work
  5. While led stamping a higher number on lights is misleading the issue is more of ppl being cheap and lazy and not reading the description in item details. It takes 45 seconds for us to look up ppls lights and see the wattage drawn. Now back to stamping higher number.. car Audio amps are same , horsepower and top of end speed on speed o meter, the numbers they stamp on motors; 3500... it’s done in all sorts of advertising. It’s up to the purchaser to read the details on the items they are buying

    16 288s.... AWESOME
  6. 288 Samsung QB's:thumbsup:

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