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  1. has anyone thought about using auto grade hids to grow with? i was thinking about doing it but never got around to it i know they are super small but they are extremely bright and use hardly any power same principles "bulb ballast socket reflector" except these usually use projectors buying brand new may not save you on startup costs but most people get these from junkyard cars for very cheap and the energy saving would equal out based on the huge amount of light these miniature bulbs produce keep in mind these are true HID just made for autos ebay ebay ebay! lol

    for more info on auto grade HIDs go to HiDplanet : The Official Automotive Lighting Forum - The Buzz see how much light is produced in the pic that is in a projector (highly reflective inside with 2.5in lense) with a cutoff shield (controls light creates cutoff shown in pic keep from blinding others, seriously!)

    just a thought if anyone has some laying around and decides to try in post some pics and start a thread would be good to see because im sure it can be done just havent myself

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  2. most of the HID car headlamps are mercury vapor, which produces the wrong spectrum for sustainable photosynthesis in plants.. if you insist on going with HID lights it is highly suggested that you go with the "norm" and get a MH or HPS lamp/ballast designed for plant growth.. there is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box, but this is something that wouldn't work to your benefit.
  3. i dont really know much about mercury vapor but i do know that the bulbs come in every light temp from 3000k (for fog lights) to 10000k+ (for fools who want purple light) lol i use cfls but was always thinking about going this route since the lights are sooooo bright

    thanks for the info
  4. stick with your cfl's... if you want to go with HID lights, HTG supply has hps and mh setups that are relatively inexpensive and will out produce your cfl's any day.

  5. gotta bro that introduces hid work place 300w for last week at finish and the trichomes go nutz. he also runs cfls for about 40$/mo and gets 80-100 gr every 4 weeks
  6. $40/month for cfls?! how many does he have going at once 30+? i have seen 400w HID setups that dont use that much juice a month...
  7. Try them, and let us know! We'd never make progress if people didn't experiment.

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