New Light(Lime) Green Growth?

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    My new growth emerging is a light green or lime color. I am not sure if that is alright or if it is lacking nitrogen or magnesium. If anyone has some insight I will post a pic for you all to see what I am talking about. Could somebody tell me if this plant looks healthy or not. I am somewhat new to it all. All the information I have is below. Hope somebody can maybe give some type of input.

    3x45watt(cpfl) = 600w (6700K)
    -77 degrees
    -50% RH
    -6.5-7.0 Ph
    -Using soil with quite a bit of perlite mixed in
    -3 Gallon Pot
    -Watering on Wednesday and Sundays (Sometimes Saturdays)
    -Using quarter strength Miracle Gro every other water

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  2. Could somebody please respond?!
  3. it looks like its starting to flower to be honest with you. ive seen budsites get super lime green prior to flowering.
  4. 3x45 = 135watts. When calculating wattage of CFLs we count the actual wattage being used. :)

    Your plants look pretty good. If the yellowing gets worse I would give them a bit more food as they're starting to use more of it.

    I really don't know much about using MG for growing. I prefer to use the General Hydroponics Floranova line of nutes with my soil. (Grow formula for veg, Bloom formula for bloom)

    Don't schedule your watering. You need to water as they need it, right before they start to droop. Wait till the droop and want water and feel how heavy the pot is. Water when it gets around that weight again and you'll be able to keep your plant watered properly without overwatering, drooping or fungus gnats :)

    The only thing I would suggest is changing your nutes when you can and possibly adding more light :)
  5. I agree with HydroGanic.....plant looks healthy to me too. Bump up the MG to 1/2 strength and see what happens.

    ^^^^^Good Advice^^^^^

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