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  1. Has anyone ever tried 14/10 or 16/8 for the veg cycle? I've only heard of people using 24/0 20/4 18/6. So, has it been tested?
  2. Most people don't use 14/10 because they're worried it's too close to 12/12 and will cause flowering. I've used it for rooting clones and it never caused flowering for me. I'll reccomend at least 1.5 times the time with lights on as with the lights off, to be certain the plants will stay in veg. Some people do use 16/8.
  3. mine started flowering on 16/8 awhile back. fucking gay. definitely not a myth.
  4. Was it an auto?

  5. I go for 2 weeks of 24/0 then 2 weeks of 18/6 then on to 12/12 and then down to 11/13 and then finish of on 10/14. :D. Works wonders (indoors).
  6. I just got 2 northern lights seeds to pop and i was wondering if i should leave the lights on 24/0 for a couple weeks. So anyone else recommend that cycle?

  7. I would be doing my seedlings on a 24/0. So yes.
  8. i'm past the whole 2 weeks veg part, but i'm thinking maybe hit them with a week of 18/6 then flip 12/12....and so on. figure the changing cycle at the end would stimulate more production due to the "winter" about to hit.

  9. Its 4 weeks veg for me (2 weeks at 24/0 and another 2 weeks of 18/6) before switching to 12/12.

  10. lmfao...blame it on the kush...I meant to say i'm past the whole 2 weeks 24/0 part..
  11. Vegging plants can flower or preflower for a number of reason besides the light cycle and I'm not referring to autoflowers. I've pushed mother plants into preflowering more than once under 24/0. 16/8 doesn't cause flowering by itself.
  12. Im on my 2nd generation of my bagseed and I set my clones outside and left them for two weeks and they fukn flowered on me and are just about done I'd say two more weeks but they like four inches tall lol
  13. Awesome! Pics? That would be great to see

  14. Its a bit like doing a 12/12 grow (from seedling) where the plants firstly grow like they are vegging but flower at the same time and yeilding around 8-10 grammes per plant. I like this method as its quick and easy without transplanting and i lay down 20 seeds and expect 15 good fems. So its a quick turn over with lots of personal bud and saves lighting costs.

  15. In the great outdoors plants will flower with around 15 hrs. of daylight. So if you think about it they could start flowering on you indoors with a 14 hour lights on cycle. Just brainstorming here. ;Smoke.
  16. What about a 16/8 :rollseyes: fml..

  17. please expand on this? and no it was a sour grape clone.

  18. I would stay closer to the 24/0, 20/4, 18/6. I sexed plants and my light cycle was 14/10. To close to the 12/12 cycle. Plants continued to flower and I couldn't figure it out. Now I know why. Put the light on 24/0 to stop the plant from flowering.

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