New Legislation to Outlaw Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana California

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tflga, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. New Legislation to Outlaw Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana - NUGGETRY News


  2. This is absolutely stupid. You do not need to be high to have thc in the blood. If they really want a law like this then just have people do the standard drunk driving tests like saying the alphabet backwards and walking the line. (I can't even say the alphabet backwards when I'm sober so I think this is a stupid test anyways). Or just leave it be. If somebody breaks the law when they are high just charge them with whatever crime they broke you don't need to add "under the influence to it." You speed you get a speeding ticked you speed while high you get a speeding ticket. Its the same crime.
  3. Field sobriety test > Blood test.
  4. Has driving while high on weed ever been a problem?

    [ame=]Dave Chapelle Show ( Riding a bike on weed ) - YouTube[/ame]

    ^ Isn't that fucking retarded since cannaninoids stay in our system forfuckingever? Thats why we can fail piss tests! Fuck this law and hopefully its gets thrown out while no one fuckng votes on it. How many god damn people are affected because someone smoked pot last night?
  5. I've been high and pulled over for speeding before. Was going 80 on a 70 no one was around for miles but this cop had an excellent hiding place. I just did everything by the book and kept my cool he never suspected. Then again I'm not one of those fools who hotboxes their car or even keeps weed in their car.
    My dealer got pulled over high and because the cops in New mexico like to shine their headlights on high at night in your face and they pull you over if you swerve. He was pulled over and the officer found weed but let him go because my dealer was a nursing student and this would have ruined his life. The cop kept the little baggie of weed though, but really who would care in that situation?
  6. Geeez that blows.. I'll keep an eye on this to see if it passes.. It's like $10,000 for a DUI, that's a serious revenue booster!
  7. Cool cop^. The only time I had to deal with cops busting for me weed was a similar situation. We were hotboxing my friends car but it was parked in front of my house as we weren't going anywhere :laughing:. The cop was driving thru the neighborhood and saw us, busted us, but only made me dump what little bud we had onto the street and made me grind it into the road with my foot. No ticket, no warning, just have a nice night. God bless NY and decriminalization.

    I had a dealer once who was great because he always delivered, literally, but he was always smoking in his car. I told him, dude you come from a town with high police activity, you carry at least an Oz with ya cause you deal it, and you're always smokin weed in your car. So all its gonna take is for a cop to pull your ass over and you are finished. And that's exactly what happened not too long after our convo.

  8. Thats what happens, people let their guard down and get to comfortable and bam they get caught. Some people might call me paranoid but its not paranoia when you know people are out to get you i.e. the average traffic cop.
  9. This is already instituted in my state, and it's absolutely ridiculous. Hopefully Cali wont let this shit pass...
  10. lol that wont pass
  11. I drive so much better high though.
  12. littering and.... littering and..... littering and......
  13. AZ does the same shit, it sucks major balls.
  14. I dont get it, how could they tell when u had smoked

  15. they cant 100% i guess its pretty inaccurate

  16. That doesn't matter as long as you have THC in your system.

    And for chronic users that's a minimum of a month, for chronic users who have a high fat count its more like 2-3 months.
  17. I don't care how much of a particular chemical someone has in their body... I care whether they can operate their car. I second the idea that field sobreity tests need to become the norm. It doesn't matter if you're drunk, high, or the one people forget: sleepy. If you can't operate, you can't drive. Simple as that. If you can pass the sobriety tests, what's the problem? You obviously aren't fucked up enough to cause issues...
  18. and what about driving with passengers?

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